High School Football Rankings Florida and Texas often dominate these sorts of lists, but the fact of the matter is nothing is a less exact science than ranking high school football teams across the entire nation. The sheer number of schools in all corners of the country makes it a nearly impossible task.

So, yes, Trinity is likely one of the best teams in the nation. But can anyone unequivocally say it is the top team in all the land? No way. There's just no possible way that every team in the country can be accounted for.

Of course, the idea of a pre-season poll isn't to predict the finish but rather to establish some sort of hierarchy. It could be that experts believe the same at the end of the season.

Of course, national high school polls are good for bulletin boards and little else. Each team is chasing a state championship in its respective locale and isn't particularly worried about national rankings, since there is no national championship showdown.

So take the rankings for what they are: An approximation of who some of the most talented teams in the country may be.


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