Every one needs a pair of waterproof boots to keep their feet dry. Ladies are no exception. There are a large number of waterproof boots for ladies in the market. They are not limited to rubber rain boots which are worn on rainy days. There are many other boots for ladies designed for different purposes. Ladies need to keep their feet dry not only in rainy weather. They also need to work and entertain in conditions including snow, ice and puddles.

Waterproof boots for ladies are provided with many brands covering varieties of styles and uses. Hiking boots, snow boots and rain boots are all available.

If looking for hiking boots, you can choose from popular brands like Columbia, The North Face and Hi-Tec and so on. Weather conditions may change during hiking. You probably will encounter rain, mist, frog and puddles. So you need to choose hiking boots for women that are made from waterproof materials to counter harsh weather conditions.

The same is true for snow boots. There is a problem that your feet get sweaty when you work, run and play. This need waterproof boots for ladies to be able to breathe. Otherwise, health problems may arise because wet conditions are favorable for the growth of harmful bacteria. Be sure to choose the boots that allow air to circulate inside.

You can find rain boots that made of rubber or plastic mixture. This kind of boots usually is big. Every time you put them on and tuck your pants into them, these rain boots will fit snugly. With these boots, you can walk in the rain, wash your car and do things that may get your feet wet.

With so many choices for ladies, you do not have to worry about going hiking or snowboarding next time.


Automotive industry has a great effect on the world economy. There are many production and service industries which support this industry. There has been a major increase in the number of automobiles in the past decade. Therefore, the repair shops have also increased. Many issues can arise during repair and thus there is a need for an automotive attorney.


Some of the major issues can include protection of intellectual property and safety concerns. The clients for an automotive defense attorney can include suppliers of component parts, domestic and foreign companies, original equipment manufacturers, automotive trade associations, and consulting firms. Whether the clients are facing regulation, litigation, prevention and counseling, or legislation there is a lawyer to help them.

These automotive lawyers are well-versed with different case scenarios and have vast experience in representing clients who are dealers, suppliers, or trade groups. A defense lawyer will be able to serve the interests of all the repair facilities and technicians. Clients prefer attorneys who have a familiarity and understanding of the common issues that repair shops and technicians usually have to deal with.

What Does the Law Say?

According to the Automotive Repair Act, there are certain rights for the consumers. It is advisable that the repair shops and technicians should know and understand these laws first before they approach a Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney. The Required Disclosures law says that the repair shops must furnish the client with a written estimate. The estimate should include price charged for parts, diagnostic test, and labor. It should also include details like date, duration, and odometer reading. The price should be charged according to used or new parts used. A statement should be there to show if the repair is actually needed or whether it is only recommended.

The repair shops and technicians should know that the consumers have a right to a written estimate. It can either be an itemized or a non-itemized estimate. However, an automotive attorney can tell the client that sometimes the consumers may not want an estimate. They can just ask the shop to do the repairs but the total cost should not exceed the amount set by them. In that case, the technician can get this written and signed from the consumer in case of any issues that may arise later. A customer also has a right to a copy of invoice. The invoice is an itemized list of the price of parts and labor, total price, warranties, and the odometer reading.

The technicians should know that they are prohibited from asserting lien charges for any unauthorized repairs. Consumers have the right to pick up a vehicle from the facility if they pay according to the charges disclosed to them before repairs. Auto repair shops have to, by law, post consumer rights at a place where they are easily visible. The post should tell the consumers that they are liable to a face-to-face contact, a written estimate for repairs costing over $100.

There are many other laws which prohibit the repair shops to perform unlawful practices. An automotive attorney can guide the technicians and repair shops about other laws. These include guiding them about laws relating to non-business hours and unforeseen repairs.


Are you a gardener or want to get into gardening? You'll surely want the right gardening tools for women. Even if you have some garden tools, if you'll be doing serious gardening then you may want to upgrade those rusty, bent tools. Here are some tips to finding the right tools that fit your needs.

Trying to figure out the tools you need can be confusing. You'll need to make sure they're durable and easy to use. If you have back problems then you'll need to keep in mind and look for tools that are lightweight. If you have problems with your knees then think about getting tools with long handles so you can do some gardening in a standing position.

Try out tools in the shop before you buy so you can make sure they're comfortable to handle and not too heavy for the task. Keep in mind that some tools will perform better if they're heavier and give you more weight for digging. Check to make sure the grip is comfortable. If nothing feels right or they are too small then you can always add a more comfortable grip or extra padding. If you have arthritis then a wider handle is usually more comfortable to handle.

Also think about the material the tools are made from. There is a variety and it depends on the work you need to do, the longevity of the tool and your budget. Aluminum is lightweight but tends to rust over time. Plastic and carbon fiber is good for soft ground and is inexpensive but may not be strong enough for hard or rocky soils. Stainless steel will not rust and is great for heavy duty use but it is the least lightweight so might not be practical if you have back problems. One way to save space and ensure you get the ideal grip on all of your tools is to buy a set that has interchangeable heads.

Shears (sometimes called secateurs) operate using a spring. Make sure the spring is not too stiff that it's difficult to operate but it still should be tight enough to do the job. Pruning shears should also have sufficient spring action to do the job and be sharp enough to cut through branches. A wheel barrow should be large enough to haul away your trimmings but not so big that it's difficult to navigate. The two wheeled variety works best since you can drive it with one hand.

If you have a large yard or you have a large space to garden then you might think about some power tools. Make sure you consider the power source for the garden tools. If you don't have one in close proximity then think about investing in rechargeable cordless tools or gas powered tools.


Both parents have a legal duty to provide financial support for their children. In California, as in most other states, the court may order either or both parents to make regular child support payments that cover a child's living and medical expenses.

California's child support agency is administered through the Department of Child Support Services. This agency can help both custodial and non-custodial parents with a number of child support related services such as establishing paternity, locating a non-custodial parent, establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support orders, and collecting and distributing child support payments.

Establishing Paternity for California child support laws

Your child's paternity must be established before child support can be ordered. Establishing legal paternity gives your child many rights, including child support, access to medical records, government benefits and more.

There are several methods you can use to establish the paternity of your child. The simplest method for establishing paternity is to complete a Paternity Opportunity Program Declaration. This form must be filled out and signed by both parents to establish paternity without going to court. If necessary, California's child support agency can assist you in establishing the paternity of your child by helping you get free or low-cost genetic testing when the child's father is in question.

If the child's father lives in another state, California's child support agency can work with the other state's agencies to obtain genetic testing, establish a child support order and enforce child support payments.

Paying California child support laws

Once a child support order has been established, the non-custodial parent will generally be required to continue making payments until the minor child emancipates or until otherwise noted in the child support order. Under California law, a parent's obligation to pay support continues until the child becomes eighteen years of age. Under certain circumstances (if the child is unmarried and attending high school full time), the current support obligation may continue until the child is nineteen.

Modifying California child support laws

In order to modify a child support order, you must contact your local child support agency to request a modification of the child support order and then cooperate in the review process by providing the requested financial and visitation information.

You can also request the modification of a child support order by filing a motion directly with the court. Contact the Family Law Facilitator's office in your county of residence for help in filing the motion. See below for a complete list of Family Law Facilitators.


When it comes to making comparisons between other floor mats and husky floor mats, there's really very little room for comparison. Sure, they are all floor mats that lay on the floor of your vehicle and protect the carpet from damage, but the way that they both accomplish this task are very different. Regular floor mats that set on the floor areas of your car, truck, van or SUV will protect the carpets from the usual amounts of rain, snow or slush.

But husky floor mats are specially designed to go that extra step and protect against some of the worst damaging elements that you can bring into your vehicle. With raised sides and specially channeled central areas, the husky floor mats will protect your vehicle's carpeted areas much better than standard floor mats. Because you never know what some people may have on the bottom of their shoes or boots, it only makes good sense to have the best protection in place for your carpeted areas.

Regular floor mats are made of a plasticized rubber-vinyl material, that is of course, resistant to water and other elements. But husky floor mats are crafted of a specially blended rubber material that's guaranteed never to crack or break for the life of your vehicle. Husky floor mats are also made to stand up to many chemicals that you may encounter throughout the life of your vehicle such as battery acid and other caustic materials. It's good to know that your carpeted areas are being protected even against battery acid because you chose to purchase husky floor mats rather than the regular floor mats.

Regular floor mats may not protect your carpets against any sort of acid or caustic fluid. The material in many standard floor mats for vehicles will quickly start to break down when exposed to battery acids and other chemical substances. This will mean that your carpets will be ruined if you use the regular floor mats, in this case. It makes sense to have the best protection against chemicals and the elements right from the start. It seems like husky floor do the job very well and offer great protection for your carpets.


Cool Grey 11 - the newly launched retro style of Nike's famed Air Jordan collection is a hot topic amongst collectors and fans of the urban style. The sneaker, a retro design themed on an early 90's version of the Jordan sneaker, is so popular that some stores are literally taming crowds on the verge of riots as shoppers look to snatch a pair up either to wear - or for their collection.

The Air Jordan XI model was designed by Tinker Hatfield. While Jordan was still pursuing a career in baseball, Hatfield designed the shoe in hopes that Michael would eventually wear it if he returned to the NBA.

The Jordan XI was meant to stand out with a fusion of performance and style. Taken from the world of high-end mountaineering backpacks, the condura nylon upper gave the Air Jordan XI model lightweight durability. Further innovation came with the use of a carbon fiber plate on the sole of the shoe, that can be seen underneath the clear outsole, which gave the shoe exceptional torsional rigidity. The most visually distinct aspect of the shoe was its shiny patent leather mid and toebox. A material long used in the fashion industry, patent leather was extremely lightweight, when compared to genuine leather, and also tended not to stretch - a very useful property to help keep the foot within the bounds of the shoebed during quick direction changes on the court. The shiny leather gave the XI what many described as a "formal" look - a fact that many owners of the shoe took advantage of thereafter, pairing the shoe off the court with business suits in substitution for dress shoes. Boyz II Men wore black and white Air Jordan XI shoes with white suits at one of their concerts.
To date, the BURGER KING Scholarship Program has awarded more than $14 million to high school seniors and employees across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico and the program continues to grow. This year alone we awarded $1.2 million in scholarships.
In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have made significant enhancements to the program to offer our employees and students in our community more benefits.

All Company and Franchise restaurant, corporate and field employees, children of employees and high school seniors are eligible to apply.
Franchisees that fund scholarships can designate them to their franchise group employees and to their local communities.
Now there are more ways to use the scholarships:
Accredited educational programs, including computer and language courses
Accredited colleges, universities or vocational/technical schools
In addition to the $1,000 awards, there are more scholarships than ever including:
$25,000 “KING” National Award
$5,000 Regional Awards

BURGER KING Scholars application period opens Nov. 15, 2010 and closes Jan. 10, 2011.


Why do we think starting an office cleaning business is a great idea? Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Unlimited income potential

You can grow your office cleaning business as big as you want. Many recent entrepreneurs have built up their office cleaning businesses up to 100k a year within one year. Try that with a JOB (just over broke). Cleaning franchises are booming nationwide, but franchises are a bad deal for the want-to-be professional cleaner. You go massively into debt before you even get started. Franchises are highly appropriate for oil lube shops and Internet cafes because those are expensive and complicated businesses, office cleaning is not.

2. Start bringing in money within two weeks

You can discover interested clients within days. You can be giving quotes within a week. You can have jobs by week two. You can have a full-force office cleaning business within a few months.
3. Start on a shoestring budget

You can start an office cleaning business for well under $100. This business is one of the best for inexpensive start-ups. Believe it or not you can even start without a vacuum or a car. We did!

4. Be your own boss

Absolutely my favorite reason for starting an office cleaning business. My inner compass just tells me that being my own boss is taking me in the right direction. I'm sure you can relate. Nothing quite compares to the pride and excitement of calling the shots and being in charge of your own destiny. What is stopping you? Sure, you'll make mistakes, we all make them. But no one is going to scold you and you'll learn from your mistakes. Besides, as another entrepreneur once said, we have the most sympathetic boss in the world - ourselves!

5. Set your own hours

We love this aspect of starting an office cleaning business even more than being our own boss. We take days off when we want and as often as we can get away with. Try that with a JOB (just over broke). We find that we each work smarter instead of harder because we're able to tap into our natural sense of responsibility. When you're empowered to take charge of your own schedule you take more pride in the work you do.

6. Get paid everyday

This is my second favorite benefit. It's really cool. Every day we get at least one check if not several. You won't stress out about paying your bills on time. No waiting two weeks or a month to get paid. This makes your personal accounting system less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable and even downright fun.

7. Start additional cleaning services

You can add in any of a dozen additional cleaning services to maximize your profits. You can grow your office cleaning business and start running crews - that's when you start to make the real cash! Or add on related businesses. Carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, house cleaning and plantscaping are all natural outgrowths of starting a cleaning business. You can mix office cleaning with house cleaning, or window cleaning with office cleaning, or for variety and more money, do all three.

Starting an office cleaning business may not be glamorous, but because we did it, Ev and I have gained free time to do what we want to do, lowered our stress levels, become more productive and happier, and we make a good living. For people with a sense of independence and a creative spirit, starting an office cleaning business is a wonderful way to earn great money quickly and provide yourself with genuine security.


An annulment, just like a divorce, officially ends a marriage. The difference is that an annulment erases the marriage as though it never existed, while a divorce legally recognizes that the marriage was valid at one time. Most people are familiar with a religious annulment by the Roman Catholic Church, but there is also a civil annulment. Each state handles annulments a little differently, but it is almost always more difficult to get an annulment than a divorce.
Civil Annulment

If you try to get a civil annulment of your marriage, most state courts will look for at least one of four reasons as grounds for your plea.
Fraud: This is an act of misrepresentation on the part of your spouse. If your spouse failed to tell you he was already married to somebody else, but not divorced, this is bigamy and considered fraud. In most cases, the first spouse is unaware of the second spouse. If this happens to you, you may file for an annulment, and you may be able to prosecute your spouse criminally. Other acts of fraud that may quality include one partner lying about the ability to have children or a lie about age. For the age fraud, it usually has to be a situation where one partner is not legally old enough to get married with the consent of parents.

Misunderstanding: With misunderstanding, one or both partners have failed to understand something the other person meant, such as the desire to have children.
Concealment: If you have a drug or alcohol addiction or perhaps a sexually transmitted disease, but did not give this information to your spouse, he can legally file for annulment. Fraud and concealment come very close to being the same thing.

Non-consummation of the marriage: If your spouse refuses sex, the marriage cannot be physically consummated, and you can file for annulment.
Annulment is almost always used for very short marriages; it is rare for couples married for a year or more to seek annulment. With these marriages of a few months or even a few weeks, there are usually no children to fight over and little joint property and finances. If there are children and the marriage is annulled, then the children are considered illegitimate, since an annulment wipes the marriage record off the books.

Religious annulments are different from civil annulments and not necessarily recognized by the courts as legal. However, most people who seek an annulment from the Roman Catholic Church have already been granted a civil annulment. But if they want to re-marry and have it recognized by the Catholic Church, they will have to also seek a religious annulment of the first marriage. A religious annulment is a fairly rigorous process. The person will have to definitively show that there was some type of deception involved, such as civil annulments require, and in most cases he will have to already have a civil annulment from the courts. The Catholic Church sometimes asks for psychological assessments of both parties. If a person wants an annulment, he first goes to his parish to get the process started, but the Roman Catholic Church court makes the final decision.


Rain-X Windshield Wipers is a part of the Weatherbeater line from the windshield wiper manufacturer. They have a contoured design in order to apply pressure to all areas of your windshield in order to remove moisture and debris. Rain-X 28 has a built in aerodynamic spoiler as well to reduce drag, noise and wind lift. Install the Rain-X 28 wiper blade set for cars with J hook wiper arms.

Purchase Rain-X 28 wiper blades. You will match up the type that you buy based on the make and model of your vehicle.
Remove your old set of wiper blades. Turn off your car and pull the wiper arms away from the windshield. Depress the button tab on the adapter clip in order to pull the wipers free.
Decide on the size connector you need to make the Rain-X install. The wipers will come with the small J hook in place. If you need the larger J hook (more than ½ inch), use a screwdriver to pop the small connector off of the wiper. Rotate the new J hook connector until you hear it snap in place.
Rotate the connector to a 90 degree angle aligning it in front of your car's wiper arm. Once the J hook and the connector of the wiper arm line up, you can give a tug until you hear a clicking noise. Give it a tug to make sure that it has correctly snapped in place.
Return the Rain-X wipers to the windshield. Use your car's windshield wiper fluid to run a few passes with the new set to ensure proper install.
A ratchet wrench set is a collection of ratchet wrenches or singularly referred to as a ratchet. This is a type of wrench or tightening tool that uses separate or removable sockets to fit many different sizes of fittings and fasteners, most commonly nuts and bolts. It is activated by its handle through a hinged catch (pawl) that causes the ring to rotate in one direction only (but maybe adjusted to move to the other direction.)

The ratchet wrench comes in different types and weights: mini ratchet wrench, the heavy duty ratchet wrench, the ratcheting T-handle wrench, reversible auto impact and power ratchets, air ratchets, ratchets wrenches for pipes and several others. The type you buy depends upon your need.

For economic reasons, it is advisable to buy a set for it can serve for many purposes. The set comes in this combination, among which are:

*5 Piece Set. This is called the knucklebusters because it saves your knuckles from damage. There are 10 sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8",7/16", ½", 9/16", 5/8", and 7/8", with 2 sizes coming on each of the 5 wrenches. It is extremely strong as it is made from alloy steel. It is contained in a beautiful case.

*6 Pieces Set. Ratchet combines spinner with standard operation. Sizes are 10, 12, 13, 16, 17 and 19mm. It is made of chrome vanadium. It supplied with a storage rack.

*9 Pieces Set. Sizes are from ¼" to ¾". This high tech ratcheting box delivers versatility, strength and accessibility.

*12 Pieces Set. It is made of durable chrome vanadium steel. It is equipped with a 72 tooth ratchet with 5 degree sweep for the maximum range that is used in confined areas. It comes with a convenient rack.

*13 Pieces Set. It works on 6 types of fastener. Its non-stop feature on the open end can be used on damages fasteners that are to 70% rounder. It is offered with a life-time warranty.
There are still other sets available to choose from.
Comfort and relaxation are the two essential factors that one needs while they are sleeping. Thus, Hoodie Footie Snuggle is better to wear loose and comfortable clothes that can provide comfort and relaxation. We all know that women have a hectic lifestyle and a very busy schedule especially if the women is working and managing her household chores. She needs to relax after her long and busy schedule and thus, needs to wear the most comfortable and easy clothes. Womens pajamas are the perfect option and provide all the above mentioned factors. They are loose and comfortable and can be worn in the evening after a tiring day. The women can just sit down and relax without taking any kind of tension.

You can actually gift your beloved comfy pajamas and she will definitely be overwhelmed by your thought and understand that you really care for her. However, you need to consider some factors before buying the right kind of pajamas for her. They should be according to her preference and exactly what she is looking for. You can go for the ones that are for special occasions like anniversaries or the ones that are only meant for relaxation.

There are a wide variety of womens pajamas in the market these days. If you have decided to gift her one then you need to know her preference and the one she would like to have. She might want to buy one for a long time but is not getting the time or she does not have a particular type. You can make your judgment accordingly.

You can check the local malls or shops to get more idea. However, this procedure can be a little time consuming. Hence, you can go for the online search where you can see the different designs in one place. In this way you can make your decision faster and will not waste a lot of time. As mentioned above there are different types of pajamas available in the market. The basic or lounge wear is available in different materials like flannel or silky material. You can also buy the satin pajamas but, they are more expensive as compared to the other materials. The price usually varies according to the material and the quality. However, the price range of a normal pajama can be anywhere in the range of 15$ to 50$ again depending on the material.

You can also go for the two piece sets which are equally popular. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors. You can also go for some fun designs like printed cartoon characters. Another important consideration is the size. You will get small, medium and large sizes. Some companies also make extra large sizes. It is always wise to keep the receipt safely so that you can exchange the product if you are facing any kind of problem especially with the size. Thus, this was some interesting information on how to choose womens pajamas and some important factors that need to be considered.


Scarlett Johansson has angrily hit back at reports she's the latest Hollywood starlet to go under the surgeon's knife.

The 23-year-old Lost In Translation star is threatening legal action over claims in an American magazine that she had plastic or cosmetic surgery on nose.

The publication, which ran her picture with the cover line, 'A List Nip/Tuck', quotes her as saying: "I definitely believe in plastic surgery.

"I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that."

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia, who has performed nose jobs on Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, told the magazine he estimates that 60 per cent of women in Hollywood undergo some type of procedure.

But Scarlett, who has been described by director Woody Allen as "criminally sexy", has vigorously denied she's had work.

She said in a statement: "I have always been straightforward with the press regarding my body image and I am very concerned that my fans (and perhaps even my employers) will feel mislead.

"Thus, I feel compelled to take immediate legal action against US Weekly."

Her spokesperson slammed the report as "outrageous," adding "there simply is no truth to the story."


When it comes to evaluating a franchising, you'll be advised to look at different figures like start-up costs, ROI, turnover, projected sales etc. These figures are going to tell you how well a franchise has been performing in the past but what you really need to know is how well the company markets and promotes its product.

The question you need to ask yourself is; Have you ever heard of the product? Have you ever tried it yourself? Have you seen their ads on TV and were you compelled to buy it? Start with being the customer yourself and analyze how frequently you would use the product.

Talk to franchisees; ask them how holiday sales go, how many peak seasons there are and what kind of campaigns are run on a corporate level. Ask them how effective these campaigns have been. Some franchises may start campaigns that actually cut in to profits like buy one get one free deals. You need to know what kinds of promos have been running.

Investigate the marketing activities yourself. Go to where you'd normally go to buy a product and see if they have an ad there, it can be online, in your favorite magazine or some other place. Many franchise opportunities in USA charge a small amount for advertising and marketing expenses and you should know what you'll be getting for your money.

Sound business franchise opportunities not only have a solid marketing plan but they're likely to own trademarks and copyrights to their products. Fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are an excellent franchise opportunity that run regular marketing campaigns and are an established brand.
Illinois sales tax is monitored on a monthly basis for proposed changes to the state sales tax rate and when tax rate changes will take effect.

The Illinois sales tax rate is currently 6.25%

Other, local-level tax rates in the state of Illinois are quite complex compared against local-level tax rates in other states. Illinois sales tax may also be levied at the city/county/school/transportation and SPD (special purpose district) levels.

Illinois sales tax has numerous local taxing levels that must be monitored and maintained on a regular basis, it is complex and time consuming due to the volume of jurisdictions.

In addition to updating multiple local level tax rates, Independent Systems also offers a paper-based tax return filing solution for sales and use tax collected which supports all taxing entities, via Independent Systems’ optional Laserbridge+ software.

Comprehensive support for tax related questions is included as a part of the subscription for Independent Systems’ software and databases.

Independent Systems monitors/updates all levels of sales and use tax for tangible personal property throughout the entire United States and Canada. Independent Systems’ customers have been counting on tax data from Independent Systems since 1992.


Snow blowers generally come in two styles: one stage or two stage. Two stage snow blowers have one or more low-speed metal augers that break up the snow and movie it into a separate high-speed fan that blows the snow out the discharge chute. These machines are usually self-propelled, either with large wheels equipped with tire chains or, in some case, tracks. Snow blower tire chains are important for these large wheels because, without them, they would not be able to force themselves through the snow, much less clear it out of the way.

Like other tire chains, snow blower tire chains are available in a few different styles. They can be purchased in two link or four link spacing. In two link spacing, there is a cross chain every second side chain link. Similarly, four link spacing means that there is a cross chain every fourth side chain link. Two link spacing generally provides for a smoother ride and better traction. As with other tire chains, snow blower tire chains can be purchased with an optional V-Bar chain in both two link and four link spacing. V-Bar chains are especially recommended for snow use because they provide extra traction for use on hills, ice, and hard packed conditions. However, drivers should not use V-Bar chains on pavement since it can damage the surface.

Although snow blower tires are built to provide for extra traction in winter weather, snow blower tire chains will give drivers the extra grip they need to make it through even the worse snow conditions.
The interpretation of the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution has been a wild ride with serious implications. The clause grants Congress the power to “regulate commerce . . . among the several States”. For decades it has been used to justify the federal government’s regulation of certain aspects of the economy. Recently, ObamaCare legislated the individual mandate, which will fine people for not obtaining health insurance beginning in 2014. The administration points to the Commerce Clause as their Constitutional right to impose the individual mandate and referred to the fine as a “tax” in court to defend the action as government’s “power to lay and collect taxes”.
Arguments over intent of the Commerce Clause, and its practical application to modern America, have gone on for years. But it isn’t really subjective intent of the founders that matters here. It is words on the page, and what those words meant in the context of their time to the people who would vote to ratify the Constitution. At the time of the founders, “to regulate” meant to “make regular”. In other words, to prevent states from imposing trade barriers on each other. And, in fact, “commerce” at the time meant “trade”. So industry wasn’t subject to federal trade concerns until beaver pelts were being sent across state lines.

The Commerce Clause in Constitution is pretty clearly written to make interstate commerce regular. Ironically, this has been one major thorn in the side for affordable health insurance. Each state has its own health insurance mandates and rules. They protect domestic insurers from competition by barring entry to products licensed by other states. Some states require that you pay for more expensive policies with coverage you don’t want, such as acupuncture or chiropractic. The end result is state-by-state health insurance oligopolies.

In the world of legal medical marijuana in California, the feds involve themselves by shutting down dispensaries or busting individual citizens for smoking medical marijuana at home. It is deemed an “economic activity” and justified by their interpretation of the Commerce Clause. As the administration fights the flurry of state lawsuits coming in for the individual mandate, and California braces for a vote on Proposition 19 in November to legalize marijuana, we’ll all see just how far the feds can stretch the Commerce Clause.

Some people think the Constitution should have little to no bearing over modern governing. After all, times have changed. But if the words in the Constitution mean nothing, or whatever today’s courts want them to mean, government has a license to do whatever they want; or certainly extend themselves into what should be our private lives.


If you've ever owned a cell phone and signed up for service with a 2 year contract, you would know that it's near impossible to keep 1 device for a year and 8 months (eligible for Verizon upgrade) without banging it up. So read this article and find out out you could upgrade your phone earlier than your scheduled upgrade date!

If you're looking to upgrade Verizon phone before the eligibility date, then start off by finding out what that date is.
If the current date is within a few months of your upgrade date, you will give Verizon Wireless' customer service center a call.
Once there, tell them that you want to upgrade your phone early and come up with some boogie excuse like you lost your phone, your phone doesn't send or receive text message correctly, or all of a sudden the device keeps dialing out by itself. Whatever the excuse may be, make sure to let them know it is their fault and they need to do something to accommodate you.
Of course they are going to tell you that they can't do it and blah blah blah. Well if they can't do it, then who can? And it sure isn't your fault that your device is dialing out by itself and your minutes are being eaten up unintentionally, right? If the representative keeps on insisting that they can't do it, simply hang up, call back, and you will get another representative on the line. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you get a response you want to hear.
After that, you should be okay to walk right into a Verizon store, or even a Best Buy, to purchase a new phone. How do I know? I am currently employed at a cell phone retailer and have done this many time with Verizon. Quite frankly, I don't understand how they get away with selling a phone to a customer that could last a year and a half at most and expect the customer to keep it for any longer than that. Good luck.
We like the Mighty Wallet. It’s no secret. But we thought our first post about them was a bit lacking in detail and grit. So here we are with a hands-on review.

The Mighty Wallet from Dynomighty, to recap, is made with 25% post-consumer materials such as recycled milk and water containers, and is also 100% recyclable. It’s made from Tyvek (the stuff used to make those incredibly sturdy express mail envelopes) and so resists tears because of its thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns giving the wallet incredible strength. Plus, its super-clever origami design reinforces that strength by using a single folded stitch less construction allowing the wallet to gradually expand and adapt to meet your own personal storage needs.

Review after the jump!

Here is a list of things that we like about the Mighty Wallet:

Contains 25% post-consumer content (water and milk containers).

Tear-resistant, water-resistant and expandable because of the nature of the material. We’re 3 weeks into using one and it is still in pristine condition, with just a little expansion to make room for credit cards. We can;t believe how durable it is.

Recyclable. Who do you know who has a recyclable wallet?

Very light with a slim profile. It makes for a great everyday or ‘night out’ wallet. A great alternative to bulky leather wallets.

Useful. 2 interior pockets, 2 inward facing credit card pockets (hold approximately 16 cards) and 2 quick access business card pockets.

Lots of cool designs. We’re rocking the newsprint edition right now.

Conversation starter. We’ve never been asked about our wallets. Ever. Until the Mighty Wallet came along.


The $858 billion tax-cut deal moving through Congress will jolt life into the struggling U.S. economy over the next two years, but faces one more major hurdle first - passing the House of Representatives despite Democrats angry about its estate tax and Republicans upset about its mammoth deficit spending.

The Senate was expected to pass the deal overwhelmingly early Wednesday, drawing a breadth of bipartisan support previously unseen during Barack Obama's presidency. Next stop is the House, which could vote as soon as Wednesday and where eventual passage is expected despite reservations on all sides.

Economists figure the deal should boost economic growth by up to as much as a full percentage point in 2011 and lower the unemployment rate, now 9.8 percent, to as low as 8.7 percent by year's end.

The plan, negotiated by Obama administration and GOP officials, would extend all Bush-era tax cuts, first enacted in 2001 and 2003, for two years. It also would cut the Social Security payroll tax for workers by 2 percentage points next year and provide 13 months of jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. And it would tax individual estates of more than $5 million at a 35 percent rate.

Leading economists have blessed the deal on grounds that it'll juice up the moribund U.S. economy - but just how much is debatable.

"The package would result in real GDP growth in 2011 of about 4 percent, and before the package we were expecting growth of about 3 percent," said Augustine Faucher, a director at economic forecaster Moody's Analytics.

Growth that strong would boost payrolls by 2.6 million jobs - twice as many as Moody's projected before the deal - and lower the jobless rate to 8.7 percent by year's end instead of staying stuck at 9.8 percent, Moody's calculates.

The biggest boost, Faucher said, wouldn't come from extending the tax rates now in place, but from extending unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed, expanding some business tax breaks and the proposed one-year payroll tax holiday.

Extending the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, whose tax rate was set to jump on Jan. 1 by about three percentage points, won't translate into more consumer spending, according to economists, because the rich tend to save more. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't benefit from retaining the lower rates for everyone.


What If Black and Decker Cordless Screwdriver Is Not What You Are Looking for? Having a screwdriver at home is really helpful as you can yourself do some minor repair work with it. These days the tools and appliances for maintenance and fixing are getting superior and better. A cordless screwdriver is just one example of this. This is your basic screwdriver without the long cord attached to it. It is portable, you can take it anywhere with you and you do not have to worry about electricity being available to do your work.

There are many brands available in the market today. Black and Decker is one such popular brand which manufacturers many electric devices. If you are not looking for a Black and Decker cordless screwdriver then there are many other brands which are available and you can choose one according to your need and your budget.

The popular brands of cordless screwdrivers are Hitachi, Bosch, Skill Twist drivers and many more. Each one has its own unique features with various power capabilities. You should make a visit to the hardware store and ask for the best one. They might show you the Black and Decker cordless screwdriver but you can then ask for the other good brands. Always make sure you take a good look at the product before you buy it. You can even ask to test the product.

There are other drills which are also available if you are not looking for a Black and Decker screwdriver. These drills are mostly electric and they can be just plugged in and used for all your repair needs. If you buy a good branded cordless screwdriver set then you will also get a few pieces along with many bits and accessories. You will then have a complete screwdriver set for varying screw sizes.

The other advantage of buying a cordless screwdriver is that you can just charge it and then carry it anywhere. You do not have to be on the lookout for an electric plug point to do all your work and neither do you have to be dependent on electric power to finish your repair work. Like other tools and gadgets the Black and Decker cordless screwdriver is quite popular for the common repair needs but if you want any other specific brand like the Milwaukee, Dewalt and Ridgid R8 then you should go shopping for them.

One great way to gain knowledge about the other brands is to check online. You can then compare brands, read product reviews, compare features and prices and then decide which one you want to buy. If you decide on buying this tool from an online har
Choosing a good domain name can help increase your website's chances of ranking well in search engine results. The more you pay attention to the SEO basics, the more likely it is that you'll be able to make it to the first page of search engine results.

An exact match domain is going to make it a little easier to rank for your keyword than one that isn't an exact match. This is especially true for niche websites. If you're looking to build a bunch of niche websites, you don't want to spend months trying to rank for a keyword that doesn't get a ton of traffic. Choose a keyword where the exact match domain name is available.

Top level domains (TLD) make a difference too. The top level domain is the part on the end, e.g..com,.net,.org. Tests and research indicates that the best TLD's to use are.com,.net and.org, in that order. That doesn't mean you can't rank using other TLD. You can, it just takes a little more work. If you search for any phrase using Google, take a look at how many of the results use.com compared to the other TLD's. That, in itself, is pretty convincing.

There are major differences between the types of website a person can build. The approach to building a niche website is very different from that of building a blog. A niche website is more about finding a small market that is relatively easy to rank well for. You don't want to spend months implementing a complex SEO strategy for a niche website. You want to rank well in a fairly short period of time and start making money.

If you're interested in creating a blog, or website that'll be around for a long time, you can afford to get a domain name that isn't an exact match. A "brand" domain is more about building an audience, developing a brand, creating multiple sources of traffic, as well as ranking for some related keywords.

You need to be willing to spend months trying to rank for keywords. It would probably be a little easier if you have an exact match domain name. But, don't feel compelled to choose a domain name with keywords in it if you're trying to build a site based on a brand name.

When it comes to SEO basics, every little bit helps. You can choose to do things any way you want to and it probably won't make or break your website. If you don't want a domain with keywords in it, then don't choose one. You could still rank for keywords that you target. If you want to use a.info domain, go right ahead. You could still rank for keywords that you target. It might be harder, but you could still do it.

Everything is cumulative when it comes to SEO. The more good SEO practices you follow, the easier it will be for you to rank well. If you ignore good SEO practices, then you'll be making it harder for yourself. Typically, no one thing will determine whether or not you can get to the first page of search results. But, together, the choices you make will make a big difference. Do as many things as you can to make it easy for yourself.
Prestige Security Remote Car Starter is among the popular remote starter systems that can be installed to your car aftermarket. Once installed, you can program wireless remotes to the system transmitter within your car in just minutes. A programmed remote will allow you to start your car from within your house or hundreds of feet away in the street. Programming requires no previous experience and will have your remotes ready as soon as you finish.


Enter your vehicle with the Prestige remote system and be sure to have your remote and ignition keys in hand. Close all of the car's doors behind you.
Turn your key in the ignition to the "On" position and move the valet switch from "On" to "Off" three times in quick order. The switch is located underneath the dash near the bottom of the panel.
Wait for the light to flash and the siren to chirp and press either button one, button two or both buttons, depending on what you would like to program.
Hold the button until the siren chirps again and turn the valet switch "On" and "Off" again, wait for the siren and the programming will be completed.


If you are into buying the most efficient, useful and greatly designed car models, you need to acquire basic knowledge about how to import a car from Japan. It is a common knowledge nowadays that Japanese car manufacturers are way ahead of the game when it comes to production and introduction of really interesting and efficient car models.

The sales figures of Japanese car companies all around the world can be a living proof of how global consumers are very much confident of Japanese car brands. If you want to have a very useful and efficient vehicle, import a car from Japan.

There are standard and basic procedures that must be followed when you are aiming to import a car from Japan. Before you proceed to import a car from Japan, of course, it is important that you first determine a good and impressive car model that you would surely love. If you have the specifics about the model and the brand, it would be easier to target your import requirements.

Online or through other means, start finding exporters of brand new or even used cars from Japan. Getting contact with these companies, you have to ask for brochures or a list of car models and products that you can browse at and choose from.

When you have chosen the car model and the Japanese exporter, you have to make a valid and purchase offer for the model. When you import a car from Japan, you would be asked to secure pro-forma invoice that would be sent to you by the exporter through fax.

Fill up, sign the invoice, and return to the Japanese exporter. The pro-forma invoice would serve as a document to prove that you are agreeing to all terms and conditions related to the purchase transaction.

When you import a car from Japan, you also have to transact the payments through online or electronic means. Send purchase payments through wired transfer or through bank transactions. Allocate a few days or weeks, as shipment of your purchased car would need some time to complete processing and facilitation.

Hire a shipping agent to handle the car import upon arrival and to settle the clearance with customs officials. In some countries, you will be asked to shoulder import duty tariffs, value added tax, customs levies, agent charges and registration payments. If you aim to import a car from Japan, now you have a better idea how you would do it


Child support is one of the most contentious issues in family law, and Oklahoma child support issues are no exception. When dealing with Oklahoma child support, it is best if you have a good Oklahoma child support attorney to help you. But there are also some things which you can and need to know right up front about child support in Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma child support laws. While many people don't realize it, most state child support laws are fairly fixed, and don't take into account such things as what your or your ex's actual child-related expenses are.

The child support laws of most states look at only a few factors, and you may find that your Oklahoma child support award takes into account only:
# How much you earn
# How much your ex earns
# How many children you have; and
# What percentage of time the children are under each parent's care and control

Sometimes, although not often, a court will consider expenses which it may consider extraordinary, however that is the exception, not the rule. In most states, for example, the cost of dancing lessons, sports lessons, or other discretionary extracurricular activities, will not be taken into account when awarding child support.

Nor does the court usually really care how much rent you pay, how much your mortgage is, or what your other living expenses are. They really only care about income, number of children, and the time the children are with each parent. This often confuses people who live in states which require the parents to fill out lengthy and complicated income and expense forms. Why do they want to know your expenses if they aren't going to take them into account? It's a good question, and often it is a holdover from days when they did things differently, but you still have to fill them out.

Some exceptions to the above rule include the cost of child care if it is required during the custodial parent's work hours, or while they are going to school in an effort to create better job opportunities for themselves. In those situations, the non-custodial parent will often be ordered to pay part or all of that child care expense. The same will often hold true for medical expenses which are not covered by insurance, and if the children are not insured through the custodial parent's employment, the noncustodial parent may also be ordered to pay for medical insurance for the children.

Whether any of these exceptions will apply in your Oklahoma family law matter will depend on various factors, and you should consult a qualified Oklahoma lawyer to determine what your options and rights are. If you need to find an Oklahoma child support lawyer, you can consult our Find an Oklahoma Lawyer page.

Fights over money, especially with respect to child support, lead to some of the most damaging family law cases of all - and such battles are particularly damaging to the children. In the end, it's just money. Try to remember that as you weigh what is most important to you - money, or your children's well-being, and your relationship with your children. Think about it in these terms: how much would you pay to someone to see your children happy? That is the flip side of a child support fight: how much are you willing to damage your children by exposing them to their parents fighting over who will pay how much for them?


Here are a few ideas for coming up with a last-minute white elephant gift for holiday parties. I hope you find one that suits your special event. The key principle to follow with these gifts is the concept of "non sequitur." In other words, anything that is out of context with the idea of the typical tasteful, conservative Holiday gift will be appreciated. Happy shopping, and here's to some wild Holiday parties!

Perhaps the most celebrated White Elephant gift exchange I ever gave was a leather dog collar (for human beings) with small metal studs in it. I live near Haight Street in San Francisco, and Haight Street has numerous stores with these kinds of "accessories." If you want to get a reaction, try giving a gift like this. I think you will be shocked at the response - I was. I actually turned red, because I hadn't anticipated the uproar. And guess who ended up with the collar? My boss, of course... You can find these kinds of items anywhere, by the way. I don't know if your town or city has a "Blue Light district," but let's face it, most of them do (and it's usually in a surprisingly accessible area). Try to shop in a safe one, though, or if it isn't safe, bring some really big guys with you when you do your shopping.

Along these same lines, if you have any store near you that sells hosiery, or a drugstore, you can always find a racy pair of stockings (like fishnet) for not much money. Those will make a very memorable White Elephant gift at your Holiday Party. And you can always run out and buy a pair at the last minute. In fact, these kinds of hosiery are usually on sale because - let's face it - they're harder for stores to unload than the usual, boring "suntan toeless" variety.

Okay - it's an hour before the party, and you have nothing. You're panicking, palms sweating - hey, wait! Remember the aforementioned drugstore? You're saved. Just buy a bunch of condoms and wrap them up in a package with a nice ribbon. All set! Your friends or coworkers will be talking about this one for years


If you're going to invest (whether it's in stocks, real estate or even rare stamps), you have to understand capital gains. After all, whether you win or lose with your picks, mastery of this convoluted part of the tax code can both soften your losses and sweeten your gains.

If you want no more than a good estimate of your cap-gains liability, you probably won't need to go further than this page. With Capital-Gains Tax Estimator you can plug in your gains and losses for investments you sold last year to figure out your tax hit. Keep in mind that this is also a good strategizing tool to use when you're weighing whether or not to sell some shares right now or later this year.

But if you really want to make this complicated corner of the tax code work to your advantage, we've got more reading for you. The first step is to understand at which rate sales are taxed. That depends on your income from other sources, how long you held the asset and what type of asset it is. (Believe it or not, your prized snow-dome collection would most likely be taxed at a higher rate than, say, your mutual-fund shares.) There's a lot to keep track of: While short-term gains are taxed as ordinary income, the taxes on long-term gains (for assets held more than one year) can range from 0% to 28%.

Once you've got the different rates straight, you're ready to strategize by using your losses to offset your gains. To do so, you need to calculate your net loss or gain.
The basic home repair tool kit has changed over the years. When I was a boy, I do not remember seeing any power tools in father's vast array of carpenters' tools. The brace-and-bit and folding wooden rule have gone these days. Nowadays, everything needs to be plugged in or recharged. Not a bad thing at all, but not being a carpenter, like my father before me and his before him.

I wonder how mobile power tools makes the professional carpenter. My father's tool bag was a tarpaulin bag that opened with a very wide mouth so that all the tools could be displayed without removing them from the bag, making selection easy. He could take everything he need up onto a roof with him. I imagine that his father's tool bag looked very similar, probably indistinguishable. Now, you need a van to carry everything and leads and a generator or rechargeable tools.

However, the jobs to be done remain the same and the rule for buying tools remains the same, buy the best you can afford. So, let's take a look at a modern, well-equipped set of home repair tools.

Adjustable Wrenches or Spanners: Often called a Crescent wrench (USA) or monkey spanner (UK). This is a necessity, because you can adjust the size of the jaws to fit the nut you want to turn. It is not a replacement for a set of spanners (UK) (USA: wrenches), because the large jaws make it impossible to use in confined spaces, but it is the first spanner you should buy. However, this spanner comes in various sizes too. The most useful is the 10 inch monkey spanner, which will adjust up to 1.125 inches, but you may like to get a smaller one too.

Pro Tip: always use the wrench so that the force is absorbed by the fixed half of the jaw.

Pliers: There are several kinds of pliers: the traditional type for holding, twisting and cutting thin wires; tongue-and-groove pliers, which is similar to a monkey spanner and lockable pliers. The first type of pliers is most useful for electrical work. The second type, which has adjustable jaws where a tongued pivot slides along a grooved slot to engage at the desired width, is mostly used for plumbing. The third type is also adjustable, by means of a knurled screw mounted in one of the handles. However, on squeezing the handles together, it will lock fast with a grip like a vise, giving them their common name of vise-grips. They are very powerful and will damage wood.

Pro Tip: keep some slats, like lolly sticks, handy to insert between the jaws and any delicate surface you may want to preserve.

Tin Snips: These are used for cutting relatively thin sheets of metal like lead flashings and aluminium sidings. The are also ideal for cutting wire or fencing like chicken wire. Standard tin snips cannot handle cutting in a pattern, but are excellent at straight lines and broad curves. For more intricate designs you will need aviation sheers, which can handle that job because of their smaller, pointed noses.


If you're an advanced degree program be it an Masters degree or PhD candidacy, you know that part of the requirements will be to begin writing your thesis statement. And for some, this can be something that is disconcerting to say the least. Consider for a moment that often times a thesis is considered a gateway to things like tenure within the university, research grants, and over all, can drastically boost your academic career. As such, writing a thesis statement becomes very important very quickly.

That said, writing a thesis statement does not have to be something that you fear or something that either needs to take a lot of time, or even something that you need to have a high level of stress over. As always, there are certain things you can do to make this process of easier and faster. One tip of course is to remember that your thesis statement is something that you, with. It is not generally something that is assigned by your faculty, Dean, or advised. The idea here is to allow you to spread your wings creatively and come up with perhaps different theories on a particular topic, new research and is something that has been thought not be worth it, or even an entirely new side to a particularly long-running debate.

In short, you are given quite a bit of creative freedom when it comes to designing and writing your thesis statement. Another tip to consider is that writing a thesis statement is not like your typical assignment. True, there are milestones and deadlines that you need to reach however they are guidelines only. The idea here again is to ensure that you are able to get your research together and be able to test and revise your statement without the crutch of as many deadlines as you may have had earlier on your academic career. So the key here is you can within reason take your time to fully develop your thesis.

One final tip regarding writing your thesis statement is to ensure that you regularly allow input from your faculty, your adviser, and even your friends and family. The reason for this is that you don't want to get so wrapped up in your statement that by the end of it daily person that truly understands what you're trying to achieve, is you. You need to have other people read it and ask questions not only to keep you focused, but you may also find new insights based on their responses.


The estate tax and take home pay are the most interesting parts for the nonprofit sector of the deal President Obama and Republican leaders have worked out. But, not so fast. The president’s fellow Democrats are screaming foul and a bill is far from passed, or even drafted.

The tentative tax deal with Republican leaders includes a provision that would set the estate tax exemption level and rate at $5 million and 35 percent for two years and any tax to $10 million for couples.

Independent Sector had called on Congress to preserve the estate tax incentive for philanthropic giving by ensuring that any modifications to the tax do not raise the exemption level or lower the tax rates beyond the 2009 law. The Washington, D.C.-based coalition of nonprofits recently signed on to an Americans for a Fair Estate Tax coalition letter that calls for the estate tax to be permanently reinstated during the lame duck session at no less than the 2009 levels (45 percent, $3.5 million individual exemption).

IS previously signed onto a coalition letter of nearly 75 estate tax advocates in support of the Responsible Estate Tax Act (S. 3533) introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that would restore the estate tax at the 2009 exemption levels with progressive tax rates on larger estates, including a 10 percent surtax on the wealthiest estates. Sanders told reporters, “I intend to do everything that I can to defeat this proposal and bring back something which in fact protects the middle class and unemployed workers and not the wealthiest people in this country,” Sanders said. “I’m willing to anything and everything that I can to win this, including a filibuster.”

The 45 percent rate and $5-million estate tax exemption had been previously proposed in legislation by Sens. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) recently proposed legislation with a permanent estate tax rate of 45 percent and an exemption of $3.5 million ($7 million for couples).
If Congress does not reach an agreement, the estate tax is scheduled to come back in 2011 at 2001 levels: a top tax rate of 55 percent and a $1-million exemption.

Among other things, the tax deal would extend all 2001 and 2003 individual income tax cuts, reduce Social Security tax rate on employees to 4.2 percent for next year and drop self-employment tax rate by 2 points.
The 2011 Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) scholarship application is now available. GMS will select 1,000 talented students to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. We provide Gates Millennium Scholars with personal and professional development through our leadership programs along with academic support throughout their college career.

Our program is more than a scholarship—it’s an opportunity to change your life! Putting in the effort now to apply can be a worthwhile experience for super special students like you! Just ask Deonte Bridges how much the GMS scholarship means to him.

To start your application, simply click on any of the links labeled GMS Application. Please take the time to read all of the eligibility criteria and instructions before beginning your application. Click below on "read more" to continue the list of eligibility criteria on the next page.

Students are eligible to be considered for a GMS scholarship if they:

Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American
Are a citizen, national or legal permanent resident of the United States
Have attained a cumulative high school GPA of 3.3 on an unweighted 4.0 scale or have earned a GED
Will enroll for the first time at a U.S. located, accredited college or university in the fall of 2011 as a full-time, degree-seeking, first-year student (with the exception of students pursuing a high school diploma while concurrently enrolled). First-time college enrollees can also be GED recipients.
Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular or other activities
Meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria
Have completed and submitted all three required forms: the student’s application (Nominee Personal Information Form), an evaluation of the student’s academic record (Nominator Form) and an evaluation of the student’s community service and leadership activities (Recommender Form) by the deadline


Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Model HJ 112 is one of the most popular pedometers in the world. It is mainly used by health conscious men and women who wish to track how much they walk during the day and by joggers who wish to follow their progress.

If you walk on a regular basis or jog as a workout, then being able to track your efforts is something which can help you achieve better results. Although most people measure their workouts by either length of time or the distance they pass, tracking your steps is another and, according to some, more accurate way to gauge your progress.

But what's so special about the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Model hj 112 that makes it so popular?

The HJ-112 is an advanced pedometer which has many benefits most other pedometers lack:

1. It has a history of 7 days so you can easily keep track of how you did on each and every day.

2. It measures distance and calorie consumption as well as steps.

3. It measures aerobic steps as well as regular ones. Aerobic steps are those which you take after 10 minutes of steady walking and as long as you take at least 60 minutes on each step.

4. Unlike other pedometers, you don't have to clip it to your belt. You can carry it in your pocket or even in your purse, so it's much more comfortable.

5. It has a long battery life: 6 months of daily walking at 10,000 paces daily.

I've read many reviews of the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Model hj 112 and most are highly positive. On the whole, people find it to be an accurate, durable, and works well. It also has a 1 year warranty period, making it a safe purchase which will likely serve you well for a long time.

I believe that this product can help make your walking or joggi


In the often emotional aftermath of a house fire, you must also deal with the investigation as well as file insurance claims. If you are a State Farm claim policyholder, filing a fire claim with your company is the first step in the recovery process, as you seek compensation so you can replace your losses. You can file a claim with State Farm either online or by phone seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

File Online
1. Have your policy information available. If this information was lost in the fire, visit your State Farm agent in person to obtain the policy number and details on your plan.
2. File your claim online at statefarm.com (see Resources). Register for an online account, if you haven't done so already.
3. Click your state and follow the prompts to complete the claim. You will need to have the date of the fire, location and as many other details as possible.
4. Wait for a State Farm claims adjuster to be assigned to your claim. You will receive a phone call and the adjuster will visit the property to assess the property damage.

File Claim by Phone
1. Call the State Farms claim number on your policy paperwork. If the paperwork was burned in the fire or is otherwise inaccessible, visit your local State Farm insurance agent. He can provide you with your policy number and the claims phone number.
2. Provide the State Farm insurance claims agent with your policy number and all information pertaining to the fire. She will ask you questions on what happened. Provide the information on any police who responded to the scene so she can obtain a copy of the police report.
3. Wait for a State Farm insurance adjuster to contact you. He will visit the scene of the fire with you to determine the estimated cost of the damage. Create a list of all items damaged in the fire. If you have photos, serial numbers, receipts or anything else to support your information, gather it together.
Texas' Child Support Interactive (CSI) works with courts and both parents to set child support payment amounts. Various financial items such as wages and living expenses are factored into child support payments. Worksheet calculators and understanding the specific financial items the state uses to set payment amounts allow parents to estimate their child support payments in advance of receiving a court order.

1. Total the average monthly income that you receive as the noncustodial parent. Wages received from employers and monies earned from self-employment work are examples of items that are factored into this number.
2. Deduct payments that are taken out of your income for social security. Keep copies of self-employment taxes (Medicare and social security) you paid directly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you are self-employed. Texas courts might ask you to show proof that the social security payments were paid.
3. Add the total amount of federal income taxes and union dues that are deducted from your income. Noncustodial parents who live outside Texas should also deduct the amount of state tax that they have deducted from their income, as Texas does not have state income tax.
4. List the average amount of money that you spend to provide health care for the child. If you work for an employer and pay health care premiums for the child and yourself out of your payroll check, calculate the difference between the cost of health insurance for one person versus the cost of health insurance for yourself plus the child to arrive at this figure.
5. Subtract the total amount of expenses that are deducted from your income (i.e., health care for the child, union dues, federal and state taxes). This equals your total available monthly income. According to the "Texas Child Support Calculator," if you only have one minor child, the amount of support you owe would equal 20 percent of your total available monthly income. For example, if your available monthly income was $9,413, you would owe 20 percent of this amount for child support ($1,882.60) each month. The percentage that you owe decreases when the number of minor children you must support increases. For example, if you had seven children to support and your monthly net income was $9,413, you would owe 40 percent of this amount for child support for all seven child combined, or $3,765.20 a month.


There are some components on your vehicle that don't get near the credit they deserve-the cup holder for example. How different would your morning commute be without a cup of coffee? One thing's for sure: there would be far more accidents and whole lot more road rage. But, while the cup holder serves an obvious necessity, there's another accessory that's even more essential: the floor mat. And not just any floor mat-a performance grade floor mat by manufacturers like Weathertech or Husky. Which one is better? Well, that's like asking which beer is better (with the obvious answer being 'whichever one is in your hand'). However, Weathertech and Husky do have a few unique qualities and, depending on what you're looking for, one of the two may be more suited to you. Here's a quick rundown on each.

In general, all-weather floor mats for cars are constructed of high-quality rubberized thermo-plastic and other durable materials to protect your floorboards from the damage that often results from everyday wear and tear. Most are computer-designed to your specific make, model and year, ensuring a precise fit without covering up your floor controls.

They're available in a variety of styles and colors, including all weather floor mats, carpeted, rubber and some are even emblazoned with your favorite sports and auto logos, injecting some style while still providing maximum coverage. Plus, they're a snap to pull out and hose off when they become soiled.

When it comes to producing floor mats, Husky is a legend. Each set is custom-fit to the unique contours of each vehicle's specific carpeted floor areas and also stays in place with exclusive "SPiN Sta-Put" carpet spikes, preventing them from bunching up or sliding all around the floorboards. Designed to fit your front, second and even third seat floor areas (as well as your trunk and cargo spaces), Husky liner mats are constructed of a patented rubberized thermo-plastic material and will not crack or break. Guaranteed for life, Husky liners are known for their taller outer lip that keeps spills from spreading throughout the vehicle.

Not to be outdone, WeatherTech mats feature precision digital measurements and a deep-well design, hugging the contours of your interior while preventing water or any other liquids from running throughout your vehicle. Crafted in the US from high-density tri-extruded (HDTE) semi-flexible material, the design available through WeatherTech mats includes multi-level channels that direct debris and fluids away from your feet, and a deep reservoir that neatly contains the crud below the raised ridges to provide safe, sure footing.

Floor mats for cars, like all weather floor mats, are the first and sometimes only line of defense against damage caused by rain, dirt, road sludge and other corrosives that find their way into your vehicle on your shoes. Save yourself the time and expense associated with cleaning your interior with a tailored set of floor mats for cars. They practically pay for themselves after one use!


We are all familiar with the brand iHome, a division of SDI Technologies that was launched in 2005 to market iPod speakers. They are now recognized as the number 1 brand in the iPod electronics market and the company that pioneered the iPod Clock Radio concept. Cleverly combining necessity with luxury, it became an instant fad that is now selling like hotcakes. The iP90 iPod speaker and alarm clock could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to your iPod.

Previous iHome clock/speakers have some flaws with the designs but the new iP90 solved all the issues. It is elegant, sleek, and fashionable; no doubt it can blend well with any room design. The programs are easy to follow. It wouldn't take you long to figure out how to operate the controls (no need to worry as it comes with owner's manual).

No matter how many features your speaker dock have, it becomes useless if it cannot give a good quality sounds. Just like the rest of the iHome products, it uses the Reson8 stereo sound. Reson8 is iHome's adaptation of speaker chamber technology. It gives improved bass characteristics, and helps the iP90 to bring big music in a small package.

In terms of the Alarm Clock feature, you can choose from your playlist the song that would wake you up. Snooze time can also be adjusted and the button is large enough and separated from the rest of the buttons to avoid confusion. It has a big display image, preset time with switch to easily adjust for DST, and separate button to change the time zone.

You can buy iHome iP90 Dual Alarm Clock Radio and iPod Speaker online for $99.99 while you can save $28.78 when you purchase it on Amazon ($71.21)
Bosch Tassimo coffee makers are one of the better known brands regarding Tassimo hot beverage systems. People love the versatility of the Tassimo system. It is impressive since it only not brew varieties of coffee; you can also brew other hot beverages such as hot chocolate, hot tea, espresso and lattes, etc.

The system of Bosch Tassimo machines is unique since they use T-Discs, rather than using loose ingredients for making drinks. It means that every time you want to drink coffee or any hot beverages, you just insert the coffee you like or hot beverages on each disposable disk. So easy and you can have freshly coffee within minutes.

Like other Tassimo coffee makers, it has a barcode to give the temperature on how hot is the water needed for this certain coffee or hot beverages. It operates accordingly to what drink you are brewing. Bosch Tassimo coffee maker has different designs, color and features. They also have Bosch Tassimo multipurpose brewer. Here are some Bosch Tassimo models:

Bosch TAS1000UC Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewer
Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewer
Bosch TAS4011GB Tassimo
Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo

These are a few of the more popular models of Bosch coffee makers although there are still lots to choose from. They have different prices depending on the models and designs of your choice. Having one in your kitchen, you cannot ask for more. Let everyone in your family enjoy their own perfectly taste drink of their choice with simple and easy touch of a button with this high technology coffee maker. It's no hassle, no sweat and no mess when you have one on hand at all times.

When you wake up in the morning, like other family or people do they go to the kitchen to drink a cup of freshly coffee. You can smell the excellent aroma of the coffee which is perfectly brewed. The taste of your great coffee is consistent every time you make your coffee in Bosch Tassimo coffee maker.

Inspired by the lifestyle of today's discerning consumers need to find a best technology where in they can save time and can have their early morning fresh coffee that don't mess up. Since coffee maker is one of the kitchen appliances that most people need and people mostly drink coffee 3 to 5 times a day or even more especially coffee addicts.

If you want more information regarding Bosch machines, you can go around and shop. Compare the prices, the features and you can see the different makes and models. If ever you have no time to go around shopping for Bosch Tassimo coffee maker, you can shop online through the internet with no sweat. Easy to access and you can explore different sites where in you can find about the amazing brewing system.
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