205/40R16 Nexen N3000 Tires.205/40R16 Nexen N3000 Tires. One of the best arguments for choosing N3000 racing tires is their reasonable price. Compared with other street rod tires in this class, the Nexen N3000's definitely come in under budget. Choosing the Nexen N3000 is a wise choice and will make your racing or driving experience all the more rewarding.

Nexen N3000 tires sports a directional wide aqua groove design that will maintain maximum gripping even when driving in intense rain. When racing, this is ultimately important as sharp turns and wide drifts call for a tire that remains in control under even the most intensive circumstances.

Cornering is no problem as the new shoulder design and aggressive lateral tight grooves will maintain power and prevent hydroplaning. This anti-hydroplaning design ultimately translates into a superior fair-weather forming tire and reduces wear when performing at top speeds.

The speed rating for the N3000 is W & Y, which translates into 168 to 186 mph, or 272 300 km/h. Being one of the highest rated Nexen racing tires, the N3000 can satisfy even the most aggressive street racer, drifter or car show aficionado.


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