Trusted Platform Module. Infineon Trusted Platform Module. It allows easy management of the TPM, provides integrated security applications like Personal Secure Drive encryption and supports secure e-mail correspondence, Wireless LAN security, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and other use for security issues.

As the leader for hardware -based security with deep insights into embedded control requirements, Infineon enables customers to build security models based on best-in-class hardware in customized solutions.

Software can be easily analyzed, modified and copied. As a result, software alone can not protect an entire platform in the same way as an embedded security concept. It does not constitute a Root of Trust. Embedded concepts, in contrast, balance security across software and hardware layers.

The embedded approach to security builds a comprehensive Root of Trust in a system. This Root of Trust can protect an entire platform, including software, system services, functionality and devices. Hardware-based security at platform level allows simple and cost-effective integration of security-sensitive software code and significantly increases flexibility in development and design. It also allows you to tailor the security ratings of the product or solution to your needs.


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