Susan Miller Horoscope. Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes have found such wide spread popularity because they offer common sense, usable information in an easy to read format. Ms. Miller begins each sign's forecast with a small carry over of information from the prior month to provide continuity from one forecast to the next.

She then proceeds through the upcoming month noting the highlights that will most affect your daily life. She offers info on the position of the planets, including the sun and moon, in your various houses, and goes in depth to explain the kind of influence each particular planet brings. Finally, she offers a summary of the forecast that includes a brief review of your key dates for the month and what you can expect to encounter. This makes it easy to look back for a quick refresher.

Once you've read through one of Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes, it's easier to understand how useful a longer forecast can really be. Having an idea of what to expect each day is helpful, but looking ahead at the bigger picture allows you a better chance of avoiding pitfalls and making the most of the opportunities coming your way.


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