Demolition, excavation grading and hauling services for residential, commercial and civil engineering construction projects are provided by demolition, excavation, grading and hauling contractors. Since bob cat services are usually required for such residential, commercial and civil engineering construction projects, many demolition, excavation, grading and hauling contractors also lease out bob cat services.

Officially, bob cat services should only come from heavy equipment manufactured by the Bobcat Company. This includes hydraulic equipment, compact excavators, compact tractors, skid steer loaders and compact utility vehicles used in demolition, excavation, grading and hauling. These days, though, even similar equipment from other manufacturers are referred to also as bob cat services. They are purchased by demolition, excavation, grading and hauling contractors for their own use and for leasing out.

When demolition, excavation, grading and hauling contractors lease out bob cat services, they should also be held responsible for properly training the equipment operators and briefing all personnel on the work site so that they can strictly comply with all safety procedures and precautions, avoiding possible hazards and dangers in connection with the equipment.

Demolition service contractors tear down infrastructure, reducing it to rubble. They demolish buildings with multiple storeys, one storey structures, concrete foundations, concrete footings, concrete vaults and even paving. Swimming pool removal is an example of a demolition project that includes excavation.

Demolition services are usually asked for when there are existing infrastructure that are no longer wanted or needed, often before new construction begins in a certain location. Sometimes, the infrastructure to be removed has been found unsafe and condemned. Heavy equipment with hammers, shears, and multiprocessors are used by demolition service contractors to wreck concrete that encloses steel beams made from high strength steel.

Excavation service contractors dig to remove rocks, earth and other substances from the ground with the help of heavy earthmoving equipment like backhoes, cranes and hydraulic compact excavators. Tree removal, for example, and the previously mentioned swimming pool removal need such excavation services.

Site excavation is one of the first steps needed at the start of residential, commercial and civil engineering construction projects. This is true for homes, buildings, landscapes, roads, bridges and even ditches. In site excavation, any structure or material in the ground that is not needed by the proposed construction, or that may hinder the proposed construction, is removed. Sometimes, site excavation is necessary to discover the characteristics of the soil at various depths. This information is required to ensure that the proposed construction is appropriate to the soil. All such excavating procedures are done before grading begins. This is then followed by the installation of the project's foundation. Excavation depth may vary and is based on the needs of the specific project.


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