A completely functional Learning Management System will include a control panel that shows managers what their employees are learning, a system that enables knowledge sharing throughout the company, a system that recommends the best way to learn depending on the student's abilities, a system that transfers information to portable and mobile devices such as PDAs, and a system that allows employees to learn in any language.

The best way to get started for individuals or organization is to seek some of the best Learning Management Systems in the industry and actually trying them out. Also research what other successful professionals or companies in your field are training with. But there's no substitute for personal experience - the popular eLeaP(TM) Learning Management System offers a great 30-day Free Trial for both individuals and organizations seeking to learn and improve their skills in their fast paced industries. With a secure, scalable, and on-demand e-learning platform, the Free Trial also includes free setup and easy-to-use training, and is jam-packed with rich and powerful capabilities and features. This may be your first stop if you're looking for good value and maximum results in your and your employee's career development.

With eLeaP(TM) Learning Management System's comprehensive and secure web training and e-learning program, training managers need not be technically oriented to develop, manage, and measure the progress of all users in their interactive training courses and learning programs.

Learning Management Systems software are viewed by many as the key to creating a much more efficient and effective workforce in a short period of time. The growth of web based education has helped expose LMS to a wider audience. LMS are now viewed as an industry in itself, and constitute a market share of approximately $500 million. They are the prevailing source of online courses for with in the United States of America.

The LMS style of corporate education is growing at a tremendous rate; it has overtaken training modules in the United States as the number one form of corporate education. Its performance-based style and wide range of features, which encompass every area of education, are perfect for corporate education


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