Are you a gardener or want to get into gardening? You'll surely want the right gardening tools for women. Even if you have some garden tools, if you'll be doing serious gardening then you may want to upgrade those rusty, bent tools. Here are some tips to finding the right tools that fit your needs.

Trying to figure out the tools you need can be confusing. You'll need to make sure they're durable and easy to use. If you have back problems then you'll need to keep in mind and look for tools that are lightweight. If you have problems with your knees then think about getting tools with long handles so you can do some gardening in a standing position.

Try out tools in the shop before you buy so you can make sure they're comfortable to handle and not too heavy for the task. Keep in mind that some tools will perform better if they're heavier and give you more weight for digging. Check to make sure the grip is comfortable. If nothing feels right or they are too small then you can always add a more comfortable grip or extra padding. If you have arthritis then a wider handle is usually more comfortable to handle.

Also think about the material the tools are made from. There is a variety and it depends on the work you need to do, the longevity of the tool and your budget. Aluminum is lightweight but tends to rust over time. Plastic and carbon fiber is good for soft ground and is inexpensive but may not be strong enough for hard or rocky soils. Stainless steel will not rust and is great for heavy duty use but it is the least lightweight so might not be practical if you have back problems. One way to save space and ensure you get the ideal grip on all of your tools is to buy a set that has interchangeable heads.

Shears (sometimes called secateurs) operate using a spring. Make sure the spring is not too stiff that it's difficult to operate but it still should be tight enough to do the job. Pruning shears should also have sufficient spring action to do the job and be sharp enough to cut through branches. A wheel barrow should be large enough to haul away your trimmings but not so big that it's difficult to navigate. The two wheeled variety works best since you can drive it with one hand.

If you have a large yard or you have a large space to garden then you might think about some power tools. Make sure you consider the power source for the garden tools. If you don't have one in close proximity then think about investing in rechargeable cordless tools or gas powered tools.


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