We are all familiar with the brand iHome, a division of SDI Technologies that was launched in 2005 to market iPod speakers. They are now recognized as the number 1 brand in the iPod electronics market and the company that pioneered the iPod Clock Radio concept. Cleverly combining necessity with luxury, it became an instant fad that is now selling like hotcakes. The iP90 iPod speaker and alarm clock could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to your iPod.

Previous iHome clock/speakers have some flaws with the designs but the new iP90 solved all the issues. It is elegant, sleek, and fashionable; no doubt it can blend well with any room design. The programs are easy to follow. It wouldn't take you long to figure out how to operate the controls (no need to worry as it comes with owner's manual).

No matter how many features your speaker dock have, it becomes useless if it cannot give a good quality sounds. Just like the rest of the iHome products, it uses the Reson8 stereo sound. Reson8 is iHome's adaptation of speaker chamber technology. It gives improved bass characteristics, and helps the iP90 to bring big music in a small package.

In terms of the Alarm Clock feature, you can choose from your playlist the song that would wake you up. Snooze time can also be adjusted and the button is large enough and separated from the rest of the buttons to avoid confusion. It has a big display image, preset time with switch to easily adjust for DST, and separate button to change the time zone.

You can buy iHome iP90 Dual Alarm Clock Radio and iPod Speaker online for $99.99 while you can save $28.78 when you purchase it on Amazon ($71.21)


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