In the often emotional aftermath of a house fire, you must also deal with the investigation as well as file insurance claims. If you are a State Farm claim policyholder, filing a fire claim with your company is the first step in the recovery process, as you seek compensation so you can replace your losses. You can file a claim with State Farm either online or by phone seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

File Online
1. Have your policy information available. If this information was lost in the fire, visit your State Farm agent in person to obtain the policy number and details on your plan.
2. File your claim online at statefarm.com (see Resources). Register for an online account, if you haven't done so already.
3. Click your state and follow the prompts to complete the claim. You will need to have the date of the fire, location and as many other details as possible.
4. Wait for a State Farm claims adjuster to be assigned to your claim. You will receive a phone call and the adjuster will visit the property to assess the property damage.

File Claim by Phone
1. Call the State Farms claim number on your policy paperwork. If the paperwork was burned in the fire or is otherwise inaccessible, visit your local State Farm insurance agent. He can provide you with your policy number and the claims phone number.
2. Provide the State Farm insurance claims agent with your policy number and all information pertaining to the fire. She will ask you questions on what happened. Provide the information on any police who responded to the scene so she can obtain a copy of the police report.
3. Wait for a State Farm insurance adjuster to contact you. He will visit the scene of the fire with you to determine the estimated cost of the damage. Create a list of all items damaged in the fire. If you have photos, serial numbers, receipts or anything else to support your information, gather it together.


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