If you've ever owned a cell phone and signed up for service with a 2 year contract, you would know that it's near impossible to keep 1 device for a year and 8 months (eligible for Verizon upgrade) without banging it up. So read this article and find out out you could upgrade your phone earlier than your scheduled upgrade date!

If you're looking to upgrade Verizon phone before the eligibility date, then start off by finding out what that date is.
If the current date is within a few months of your upgrade date, you will give Verizon Wireless' customer service center a call.
Once there, tell them that you want to upgrade your phone early and come up with some boogie excuse like you lost your phone, your phone doesn't send or receive text message correctly, or all of a sudden the device keeps dialing out by itself. Whatever the excuse may be, make sure to let them know it is their fault and they need to do something to accommodate you.
Of course they are going to tell you that they can't do it and blah blah blah. Well if they can't do it, then who can? And it sure isn't your fault that your device is dialing out by itself and your minutes are being eaten up unintentionally, right? If the representative keeps on insisting that they can't do it, simply hang up, call back, and you will get another representative on the line. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you get a response you want to hear.
After that, you should be okay to walk right into a Verizon store, or even a Best Buy, to purchase a new phone. How do I know? I am currently employed at a cell phone retailer and have done this many time with Verizon. Quite frankly, I don't understand how they get away with selling a phone to a customer that could last a year and a half at most and expect the customer to keep it for any longer than that. Good luck.


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