When it comes to making comparisons between other floor mats and husky floor mats, there's really very little room for comparison. Sure, they are all floor mats that lay on the floor of your vehicle and protect the carpet from damage, but the way that they both accomplish this task are very different. Regular floor mats that set on the floor areas of your car, truck, van or SUV will protect the carpets from the usual amounts of rain, snow or slush.

But husky floor mats are specially designed to go that extra step and protect against some of the worst damaging elements that you can bring into your vehicle. With raised sides and specially channeled central areas, the husky floor mats will protect your vehicle's carpeted areas much better than standard floor mats. Because you never know what some people may have on the bottom of their shoes or boots, it only makes good sense to have the best protection in place for your carpeted areas.

Regular floor mats are made of a plasticized rubber-vinyl material, that is of course, resistant to water and other elements. But husky floor mats are crafted of a specially blended rubber material that's guaranteed never to crack or break for the life of your vehicle. Husky floor mats are also made to stand up to many chemicals that you may encounter throughout the life of your vehicle such as battery acid and other caustic materials. It's good to know that your carpeted areas are being protected even against battery acid because you chose to purchase husky floor mats rather than the regular floor mats.

Regular floor mats may not protect your carpets against any sort of acid or caustic fluid. The material in many standard floor mats for vehicles will quickly start to break down when exposed to battery acids and other chemical substances. This will mean that your carpets will be ruined if you use the regular floor mats, in this case. It makes sense to have the best protection against chemicals and the elements right from the start. It seems like husky floor do the job very well and offer great protection for your carpets.


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