Illinois sales tax is monitored on a monthly basis for proposed changes to the state sales tax rate and when tax rate changes will take effect.

The Illinois sales tax rate is currently 6.25%

Other, local-level tax rates in the state of Illinois are quite complex compared against local-level tax rates in other states. Illinois sales tax may also be levied at the city/county/school/transportation and SPD (special purpose district) levels.

Illinois sales tax has numerous local taxing levels that must be monitored and maintained on a regular basis, it is complex and time consuming due to the volume of jurisdictions.

In addition to updating multiple local level tax rates, Independent Systems also offers a paper-based tax return filing solution for sales and use tax collected which supports all taxing entities, via Independent Systems’ optional Laserbridge+ software.

Comprehensive support for tax related questions is included as a part of the subscription for Independent Systems’ software and databases.

Independent Systems monitors/updates all levels of sales and use tax for tangible personal property throughout the entire United States and Canada. Independent Systems’ customers have been counting on tax data from Independent Systems since 1992.


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