Bendix Brake Pads are completely reformulated with TitaniuMetallic2 blue coating and is more effective during the initial break-in period. This patented blue coating works by accelerating the pad and rotor burnishing process. Instead of the traditional break-in period of 200 stops, the TitaniuMetallic2 coating wears away after approximately 50 stops, leaving a premium quality Bendix semi-metallic brake pad that provides outstanding performance.

TitaniuMetallic2 brake pads provide greater stopping power from the very first stop and shortened stopping distances with less pedal effort. They feature an all-new premium quality Bendix semi-metallic friction formulation, blue TitaniuMetallic2 coating, high quality shims for quiet braking. TitaniuMetallic2 also uses both riveted and integrally molded attachment that mirrors the original equipment design.

Product Features
110% asbestos-free friction material with high quality shims included to aid in noise reduction
Riveted and integrally molded configurations consistent with OE designs
Attaching hardware and wear sensors match OE designs for superior caliper fit and function
Updated TitaniuMetallic2 coating accelerates the pad-rotor burnishing process that is required for all semi-metallic friction pads
Chamfers and slots for noise abatement added to protect to mirror OE designs


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