A new security flaw has been sighted and experienced by lots of twitter users and is now spreading lightning fast. The Twitter Mouseover Twitter Virus! onMouseOver JavaScript function is used by this flaw which leads to the opening of pop-ups which navigates users to other links just when the mouse pointer is moved over the link!

But third party apps to access and manage twitter could be used as this flaw hasn’t affected them. Twitter has responded to this problem and they have started fixing it. Millions of Twitter users faced the problem for more than two hours. Users scrolled over links on Twitter only to find ugly content appeared without warning, in some cases re-tweeting the links to followers and spreading the bug around the globe.

Later Twitter officially announced that the attack was fixed. But some of the security experts told that virus attack on the popular website exposed the serious security flaw, one that could be exploited by hackers in the future to install malicious software and steal personal information.


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