The unassuming $300 Concept 1 shoes have gained notoriety as the first pair of shoes to be banned by the NBA, with the reason being cited as creating “undue competitive advantage”. The space-age technology sports footwear from Athletic Propulsion Labs, or APL shoes, has been the center of controversy ever since they were banned by the regulatory body.

The ‘spring in your step’ is apparently no longer considered to be legal by the NBA because Concept 1 shoes provide additional lift that may tilt the game to your advantage. The twins, Adam and Ryan Goldston, who founded APL shoes, state that there’s no ulterior publicity motive behind the release of this shoe. They claim to be merely acting out their passion for sneakers and basketball.

Though several NBA players evinced interest in the shoes, they were sorely disappointed by NBA’s decision to ban Concept 1 shoes. Perhaps the best idea would be to buy some Nike uppers and sew them over your APL shoes just before your NBA game, to disguise them. But then, what are you going to use to cover up the bright green soles that are the soul of Concept 1 shoes? Perhaps a brighter mind will come up with a better solution, but for now, step away from your Concept 1 shoes if you want to keep playing for the NBA.


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