Flagstar Bank Mortgage. “Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance your existing home, Flagstar offers a wide array of loans specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Choices include both conventional and government financing programs (FHA, VA, Rural Housing and state bond).

Our standard home loan programs include:

A low- or no-down-payment option.
An interest-only option.
Eligibility for borrowers with imperfect credit.”

If you are seeking a modification, since they own your mortgage, you can discuss loan modifications with them directly. Of course, seeking modifications on mortgages not yet in default can be a losing battle.

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Flagstar Mortgage Complaints

It appears when we search for mortgage complaints against this company, there may or may not be some. Feel free to use our sidebar to search for all the Flagstar mortgage complaints listed in Google or just click the link.


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