Design a Real Estate Website. Many real estate agencies have jumped in the Internet band wagon to tap this lucrative opportunity but they are unable to standout or compete with mushrooming websites with a very similar look and feel.

If you have a real estate website you can stand out of the crowd by using interactive flash maps that can show hot selling properties all across your area of operation.

Online deals close very quickly and interactive maps help people make these decisions. Potential customers often base their decisions on what they see on the websites and their online experience can be enhanced by interactive flash maps that display the information they are looking for visually.

Most people are busy today and have little time to take their cars out and visit properties all over the city. They want to buy/rent house in the same way they make their other purchases-on the Internet! Customers will find it easier to log in and browse the websites of Realtor who have a flash map of their city. They will be even happier to run their mouse over the map and click on the properties highlighted for sale or rent.

A contextual and informative flash map can be created without any coding knowledge through solutions available on the web. These software applications are affordable, easy to learn even for beginners, and let you make customized maps according to your needs. If you are targeting local customers you can show the information about a suburb or local council with mouse rollover tool tips. You can even include the phone number of your best sales man.

Most map making software offers a variety of interactive map templates to choose from, and also allows importing of static images which you might capture from other online resources related to your metropolitan area. Add as many points using icons and labels and have fun drawing lines to show routes. If you need to include the map during a meeting with potential clients you can easily export an interactive map to JPG for PowerPoint presentation.

Some properties need special mention in real estate websites and you can do so by using the zoom function featured in the interactive map templates. This interactive function will help your customer to find information about the property faster, and increases the opportunity of closing of deal. Use the corresponding interactive maps for states, counties or cities and leverage these powerful tech tools to improve your real estate business.


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