Shark Steam Mop Review. Shark Steam Mop has gotten great reviews. It cleans the floor without leaving any harsh chemicals. The mop converts water into steam using a micro fiber cloth.

When the mop touches the floor surfaces, dirt and grime can be eliminated very fast. The Steam mop kills dust mites and disinfects floors near bathroom stools, kitchen counters, pet areas, etc. The Shark Steam mop can even be used on hardwood floors because the floors are left dry. Steam is a wonderful way to truly get things clean. The mop works as a sanitizer. The water is 220 degrees hot which kills the germs and bacteria off of surfaces. It is fast and easy. The steam is ready in 30 seconds. It releases steam with push-forward motion of mopping.

There have been a few mixed reviews regarding the Shark Steam mop. Some reviews mentioned that you might have to refill a few times during the mopping but when you mop with a regular mop you often refill the bucket of dirty water as well. An extension cord is a good idea and that is not really a big deal. You will be saving money on floor cleaners, not using harmful chemicals, no more soap residues, and really squeaky clean sanitized floors.

The Shark Steam Mop is very easy to assemble, it takes less than five minutes to get it out of the box and running. The steam can be regulated using the handle; the
more you push forward, the more steam you get. The floors are left sparkling clean. When you are done mopping, toss the pad into your washing machine.

The mop works even better each time it is


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