What are Huntington Disease Symptoms?. Uncontrolled movement, or tics, may develop in the fingers, feet, face, or trunk. This is the beginning stage of chorea—involuntary, rapid, ceaseless movement. Chorea can become more intense when the person is anxious or disturbed. Over time other symptoms, such as the following, emerge:

* Clumsiness
* Jaw clenching (bruxism)
* Loss of coordination and balance
* Slurred speech
* Swallowing and/or eating difficulty
* Uncontrolled continual muscular contractions (dystonia)
* Walking difficulty, stumbling, falling

Cognitive Function and Huntington's Disease

Over time judgment, memory, and other cognitive functions begin to deteriorate into dementia. As Huntington's disease progresses, the ability to concentrate becomes more difficult. The person may have difficulty driving, keeping track of things, making decisions, answering questions, and may lose the ability to recognize familiar objects.


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