Rain-X Windshield Wipers is a part of the Weatherbeater line from the windshield wiper manufacturer. They have a contoured design in order to apply pressure to all areas of your windshield in order to remove moisture and debris. Rain-X 28 has a built in aerodynamic spoiler as well to reduce drag, noise and wind lift. Install the Rain-X 28 wiper blade set for cars with J hook wiper arms.

Purchase Rain-X 28 wiper blades. You will match up the type that you buy based on the make and model of your vehicle.
Remove your old set of wiper blades. Turn off your car and pull the wiper arms away from the windshield. Depress the button tab on the adapter clip in order to pull the wipers free.
Decide on the size connector you need to make the Rain-X install. The wipers will come with the small J hook in place. If you need the larger J hook (more than ½ inch), use a screwdriver to pop the small connector off of the wiper. Rotate the new J hook connector until you hear it snap in place.
Rotate the connector to a 90 degree angle aligning it in front of your car's wiper arm. Once the J hook and the connector of the wiper arm line up, you can give a tug until you hear a clicking noise. Give it a tug to make sure that it has correctly snapped in place.
Return the Rain-X wipers to the windshield. Use your car's windshield wiper fluid to run a few passes with the new set to ensure proper install.


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