GMAC Mortgage, a unit of Ally Financial Inc., said Tuesday that it has enlisted legal and accounting firms to conduct independent reviews of its foreclosure procedures in all 50 states. GMAC has already halted foreclosures in 23 states.

Separately, Wells Fargo & Co. said it would review pending foreclosures for potential defects in response to requests from lawmakers and public officials. The San Francisco-based company says it has not turned up any evidence of problems.

"We have no plans to initiate a foreclosure moratorium," company spokeswoman Vickee Adams said.

In May, a Wells Fargo executive acknowledged in a deposition that he verified only the dates on up to 150 foreclosure documents he signed daily.

The executive said he relied on co-workers to ensure that other information in the documents was correct.

Mortgage lenders have come under criticism as evidence has surfaced that they have been using flawed court papers to evict homeowners. That has led state and federal officials to ramp up pressure on the mortgage industry.

The special inspector general overseeing the financial industry bailout is investigating GMAC after an employee approved thousands of foreclosures without reading the paperwork. And attorneys general of up to 40 U.S. states are expected to announce a joint investigation into banks' use of flawed foreclosure paperwork as early as this week.

GMAC said it would separately review its foreclosure sales nationwide to ensure that the company followed procedures to prevent foreclosure, that the timing of the foreclosures was appropriate and that they were handled according to state laws.


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