Texas unclaimed money that is. The Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has almost 2 billion dollars in unclaimed cash to give to the residents of your state. Well, not so much to give away as to give cash as it had already lost to begin with. The funny thing is that most of the 200,000 people were Texas unclaimed property or even know they have money coming to them.

People tend to forget to collect insurance checks to pay or when they get a new job or moving to a new home. They also forget to leave the addresses when they move and this is one of the main reasons for the lost checks. When companies and financial institutions can not find the owners of financial assets lost 5 years (Texas), were given the rule that the Texas Unclaimed Property Law, which follows the forfeiture laws. Funds not to stay in Texas State administrator is in office until their owners come to their request.

Unclaimed property in Texas covers all forgotten bank accounts savings accounts, stock dividends and cash, uncollected insurance benefits and mandates of gift certificates, and uncashed checks the contents of safe deposit boxes that felt abandoned by their owners. The latter is the only example of tangible assets in the Texas law and unclaimed property auctions in Dbayeh-off after 2 years to become the Office of the State Comptroller. So if you're looking for relics and antiques that your parents may have lost to Texas in recent years, it is best to go see eBay.

George Tamayo, manager applied for a distribution of assets of Texas says: "In our experience, we determined that we were getting the most bang for our buck on eBay." to which he adds, "It 's more convenient, because we can auction themselves." His was one of the first to use the online auction site in early 2002, the transition from the traditional sale of property left to live auctions. According to Jackie Schroeter, safe, director of the Texas, the eBay posting his office to save time and effort. When the live auction, Unclaimed Property Office had been closed due to lack of coordination and manpower. It takes only a few mouse clicks now.

Proceeds from these auctions go to the Texas unclaimed property fund where you can still ask the owners at any time. "Unclaimed Property List contains the names of the medicinal properties worth $ 100 or more has been said last year." Controller Carole Keeton Strayhorn says Texas has also announced that a recent report, "Since I took office, I have returned more than 532 million U.S. dollars in real estate asked the original owners,"

This is good news for residents of the Lone Star State, but I do not think the supervisor is coming to your door and deliver you the money lost. Unless you have an immediate need for more dollars in your pocket, you should look for money applied to Texas or other states now!


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