Amway Global Pyramid Scheme

There wouldn't be some many partnership stores associated with a scam. Over 10,000 companies would be risking their reputation to be in partnership with Amway Global . Affiliate stores include Office Depot, Barnes and Nobles, Circuit City and Dell. The Vice President of Sales Barnes and Nobles says: "Quixtar is our #1 Business-Business Account". They have over 9,000 Affiliates and Amway Global/Quixtar does 3xs the volume of their second biggest affiliate.

The Better Business Bureau says that Amway Global is a Legal and Viable business.

The former Chair of the US Chaimber of Commerce is Steve Van Andle. He also happens to be one of the founders of Amway Global. The US Chamber of Commerce currently meets in the "Amway Room".

They exceed the stardards set by the Federal Trade Commission.
- There is no recruiting fee. The person who invites you on gets nothing when you get started. It has to be a win win. They have to help you get a return on your investment before they can get paid.
- There are no quotas or have to's. Amway Global Teams shows you is how to do 100pts. You wont get kicked out if you do 50 or 500 pt or even 5 pts. You use what you want to use. Of course it comes back to being your best customer, because people are gonna do what you do.
- There is a Buy Back Policy- Your products are a part of it, and the registration fee to get started has a buy back policy as well. So there is no risk.


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