Apply for Parent Plus Loan. Parent Loans, also known as Parent Plus Loans, are for parents that have children pursuing their first undergraduate degree at a post-secondary institution. This type of loan is meant to help parents pay for their child's education. Now that many private financial institutions are no longer participating in the student loan market, the parent loan is even more relevant.

In order for parents to become eligible for this type of student loan, they must complete the FAFSA, also known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application takes into account the families adjustable gross income, total assets, and current financial obligations. If the government determines that the parents are eligible to receive the Parent Plus Loan then they will receive a letter outlining the total award amount for the upcoming school year.

If you find yourself not having enough money to pay for school then this loan may be right for you. Parents can borrow up to the amount that is costs for their child to attend school less any other financial aid package. This amount can change for future school terms if the cost of college increases or decreases.

A credit check will be completed for all eligible parents that accept the Parent Loan. This credit check is to make sure that they have a good credit history, since credit history determines your credit worthiness. If you don't have a high enough credit score then you can have a co-signer, who will be obligate to make any payments that you are unable to make.

Now that the private student loan market has been diminished due to the economic downturn, it's important to find other forms of student aid. The Parent Plus Loan is a great alternative, since it offers a low interest rate and offers very favorable repayment terms.


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