Jennifer Grey Nose Job. It is true that her bridge was a bit long and used to have a hump very obvious, but it was such a part of her that many people fail to recognize her after the procedure. Looking at her pictures now, we can see that at the end it was a good plastic surgery as the nose looks natural, but she looks like somebody else indeed. The change on Jennifer's hair style also makes a big difference on the pictures giving a different frame to her face, on texture and volume.

Something that many of her fans don't know is that she needed a second surgery to correct the first one, since they needed to repair the damage on her nose. About her experience she says on contactmusic.com: "I went in the operating theatre a celebrity - and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible... I remember going to a restaurant where I had been going for years. I ran into people I knew and would say, 'Hey.' Nothing. "I'll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises... because of a nose job."

She commented in an interview for Channel 5 (UK) that having plastic surgery on her nose was the worst mistake she had ever made. Grey felt this way because she was no longer recognizable as the girl from the film Dirty Dancing (1987), just somebody who looked a bit like her. Some other stars have received the same comments after having plastic surgery calling it sometimes the "Jennifer Grey" syndrome, celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Tisdale.


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