Body Shapers for Women. Body shapers are easy-to-wear shape wear garments that can instantly slim, flatten and enhance most areas of the body including breast, stomach, waist, hip, thigh, buttocks and legs. It can well be said that the concept of body shapers have been around for centuries with 'corsets' and 'girdles' of yore that were worn by women to squeeze the figure into the desired form. Modern body shapers are typically more comfortable corsets and girdles that can help shape any part of the body and not just the waist and bust.

Body shapers are the safest way to take all those extra inches in important places where one cannot seem to lose the weight. Some body shapers can transform and reshape the body in minutes. For ine figure. Body shape wear garments include cominstantly' half slim suit which targets problem areas. This body suit can shape, support and redefine the body while flattening the tummy and sculpting the figure. Body shape wear garments include compression panels and bands that provide shaping control to body areas.


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