Logitech Revue Specs. The star of these Smart TV products is Logitech Revue with Google TV. It includes a compact companion box that connects to an HDTV and a Logitech Keyboard Controller – a wireless compact keyboard that’s perfect for Google TV search in your living room.

But watching is just the beginning. HD video calling is now living room-ready. The Logitech TV Cam plugs right into the Revue companion box via USB and works with the Logitech Vid HD app for Google TV. But if you add it to your living room, you’ll be able to call your friends and family as long as they have Logitech Vid HD installed – whether they’re on a Mac, PC or another Logitech Revue. (And it’s a free download for people who haven’t gotten it yet.)

If you’re someone who prefers an even smaller, sleek form factor and thumb typing, you can add the Logitech Mini Controller as another controller. If you want a truly personal controller in your pocket, we’ll be releasing apps for your Android phone or iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad) that has Harmony-style activity controls.


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