Tires for Honda CRV. Honda CRV tires have routinely been one of the most troubling issues for this particular vehicle, regardless of the model year in question. When you're selecting a Honda CRV hard spare tire, or if you're curious about Honda CRV tire pressure, it is important to be aware of the many problems that exist with these tires.

Although most reviewers and customers agree that the CRV is an overall excellent vehicle for its size and price range, and that the general performance of the Honda CRV is very good, there have been major concerns in the Honda consumer community about the stability and longevity of the tires that come standard with the CRV. Honda has tried to adjust for these problems, but many people still find that they exist.

The major issue with Honda CRV tires is that they tend to wear out extremely fast, relative to other tires. Honda CRV standard issue tires usually require full replacement after only a few thousand miles, which is exceedingly low compared with most other vehicle tires. As a result, if you purchase a new or used Honda CRV that hasn't yet had the standard issue tires taken off and replaced, you'll likely need to consider purchasing some new tires for your car before too long. Read on for some tips on how to select the best tires for your vehicle.


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