Illinois Child Support Online Payment. In the United States, federal law requires states to provide child support services to all families. Child support is a system whereby, when parents with children are no longer together, one parent is required to provide payment for the care of children raised by the other parent. In Illinois, it is the Department of Healthcare and Family Services Child Support Program that regulates child support laws and collection, and determines how and when emancipation of child support may occur.

Child Support Basics

Typically, it is the parent who does not have custody of a child (the non-custodial parent) who is required by law to pay the custodial parent. Child support is intended to benefit children, and to ensure that both parents are providing for a child's necessities. If a parent refuses to pay child support, then the Illinois Child Support Program can go directly to his employer, and his wages may be garnished.

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  1. Child support enforcement is also required to provide each child support obligor the Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents which tells them how to get free legal help to modify orders, and to enforce access rights. They have not as they have never ordered any of the free handbooks from the HHS.


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