The Honda Civic is one of the best able-bodied accepted Japanese cars. The Civic is a actual reliable, well-engineered bunched car that has been through several redesigns over the years. As allotment of accepted maintenance, the Honda Civic Brake Pads should be inspected consistently and replaced if necessary. This is a job that can be done by a able boutique or by an abecedarian artisan with the appropriate accoutrement and approach.

Park the car on a flat, akin apparent that is able-bodied lit. Use a lug bend to alleviate the wheel’s lug bolts. Lift the agent with a attic jack and abutment it on jack stands. You can do the advanced anchor pads and again the rear anchor pads if you prefer. Finish the abatement of the lug bolts and the wheels.

Locate the anchor caliper bolts, which are amid on the top and basal of the caliper adverse the caster well. Alleviate and abolish the lower caliper bolt with a atrium and ratchet. You will accept to authority the inboard nut with an advancing bend to alleviate the bolts. Pivot the caliper on the high caliper bolt up and abroad from the rotor.

Remove the anchor pads and the anchor pad shims from the caliper carrier with your hands. These will artlessly accelerate out. Abolish the anchor pad application clips from the caliper carrier.

Spray anchor cleaner on the caliper, bracket and rotor and apple-pie aggregate bottomward with a apple-pie rag. Apply a attenuate band of accumulation adhesive on to the anchor pad application clips area they arise on the caliper carrier. Install the clips in the caliper carrier.

Apply a attenuate covering of the accumulation adhesive to the ancillary of the shims that go adjoin the anchor pads and the aback of the pads. Do not get any adhesive on the rotor or apparent of the pads that blow the rotor. Install the fresh pads and shims in the caliper carrier.

Remove the lid of the anchor adept butt and abolish about one-half inch of anchor fluid. Place the caliper agent apparatus on the caliper agent and the caliper body. Compress the agent into the caliper.

Slide the caliper aback over the rotor. Install the caliper bolts and bind them with the atrium and ratchet. Repeat the aloft accomplish for the actual corners of the vehicle. The rear Honda Civic Brake Pads are afflicted in the aforementioned manner.


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