Best and Worst Dressed Emmys. The 2010 Emmys offered up plenty of opportunities for best and worst dressed lists, but what about the best/worst dressed moms at the Emmy Awards? Check out pictures of our picks for the hits and misses, that include Tina Fey, Kyra Sedgwick and Kate Gosselin.

First up, is Susan Sarandon, pictured here with her daughter. Sarandon is a woman of a certain age who looks absolutely spectacular. Her Emmys 2010 black gown was the perfect choice for Susan, clinging to her amazing curves, while lending just the right amount of sparkle. Bonus points for showing off shoulders, without going overboard.

Jane lynch – Maybe it’s because we’re used to seeing her in tracksuits on Glee, but Jane Lynch was one of the best dressed moms of the night. The color and style of the dress was a perfect fit for the radiant Lynch, who included her new wife’s daughter in her acceptance speech. I love seeing this different side of Jane Lynch… so much softer than that grouchy Sue Sylvester!


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