Is Chase Online Website Down?.
Chase’s online banking website has been down for most of Tuesday. The prolonged outage has been blamed on unspecified “technical issues,” by the company. This outage has been criticized by many people, and many people are actually very upset with the banking giant.

The online banking service went down sometime on Monday night. Chase spokesman Tom Kelly said, “We’re working on it, it’s a top priority.”

Chase has over 16.6 million online customers that use the service. That’s a lot of people to inconvenience. In the meantime, during this outage, Chase is urging its customers to conduct their business at local bank branches or ATM. Or, they can use the company’s phone service, which also remains unaffected by the crash.

The company’s chief executive, Jamie Dimon, apologized for the disruption of the service at a banking conference in New York. The irony in this is that a part of his presentation was showing off the growth in Chase’s online banking. It has expanded by more than 40% annually for the past four years.


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