Movies and Advertising. Film studios and advertisers alike are always looking for new ways to increase their revenue from movies. Cinemagoers will have already recognized some of the changes. Instead of hearing Muzak upon entering theaters, these days you see Coke-sponsored movie trivia games up on the screen or listen to snippets of movie soundtrack songs. Before the movie previews even begin, there are product commercials similar to TV commercials.

Some people in the film industry are pushing for more as movies are getting more and more expensive to make. Some people in the industry are pushing for TV style commercials to be dispersed throughout a film. Others suggest one big commercial midway through.

This idea has been met with resistance from audiences, directors and actors. Audiences do not like the idea of the putting up commercial interruptions in films, and actors and directors do not like the idea of breaking up the flow of the film.

Whether or not studios go this far with movie advertising, movie goers can expect advertising and films to only strengthen their relationship in the future.


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