Now, let’s take a review on Nuskin to find out the authenticity of such rumor as NuSkin Scam First of all, Nuskin is a direct-selling company involved in distribution of premium skin care products. Direct selling, by definition, is a person-to-person actual selling of consumer goods and items by sales representatives or distributors without the existence of a retail outlet. In other words, products promoted by direct-selling companies are not displayed on company retail outlets but directly sold to consumers by independent distributors.

In order to become a Nuskin distributor, you need to pay a certain small amount for membership fee which serves as part of your initial investment for your business. As a Nuskin distributor, you earn income as a percentage of every sale you generate, as well as a percentage of sales that your downlines generate. Downlines are those people whom you have recruited to your team; and you also earn commissions from their sales. This kind of business model is a multi-level marketing.

By definition, Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is a marketing structure designed to create a marketing and sales force by rewarding promoters of company products for sales they personally produce, as well as sales generated by promoters they introduced to the company. Consequently, this system creates a downline of distributors and a ladder of various compensation levels.


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