Throat Cancer Symptoms in Men. Throat cancer refers to cancer that affects the pharynx (the area that connects the mouth and the nasal cavity), the vocal cords and/or the larynx (the voice box). Although smokers and those with chronic acid reflux disease are at a higher risk of developing throat cancer, those with a family history of this disease may develop it as well.

Here are some throat cancer statistics for the United States in 2007 (as estimated by the National Cancer Institute):

* Approximately 5,000 people will die of throat cancer in 2007.
* African American men have the highest incidence of throat cancer (approximately 12 percent), followed by white men (roughly 7 percent) and Hispanic men (approximately 5 percent).
* Cancer of the pharynx is far more likely than cancer of the larynx.
* Men are far more likely than women to suffer from throat cancer.
* Roughly 23,000 new cases of throat cancer will be diagnosed this year.


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