Magic Chef Mini Fridge keeps a steady temperature of 35 degrees with the dial on a setting of 5. 7 is the max setting, and 1 is the minimum. The refrigerator increases temp by about 6-8 degrees if you open the door for a minute and add more products. But if you open the door just to take out a drink, the temperature stays steady.

I give this refrigerator a 3 because of the noise level. The first one i bought was so noisy that i had to bring it back. It made a buzzing sound, probably due to a loose screw or something mechanically wrong with the compressor. I got a new one, same exact model, and that annoying buzzing sound is gone, but you can definitely hear the compressor when it's on. It turns on for about 2 minutes, then shuts off for about 5 minutes. It repeats this cycle.

The noise doesn't bother me, but that's because i keep the refrigerator in a place where it doesn't need to be super quiet. This product does the job and even though i give it only 3 stars, i do recommend it. It fits quite a bit of food and drinks. A half-gallon carton of milk fits nicely in the bottom compartment. I keep this at work, and 4 employees can store their lunches in there, as well as drinks and some extras too.


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