Hunter Rain Boots are a legendary boot with incredible class, style, and durability. They're tough, waterproof, comfortable, and have a history to back up their reputation. You'll wear your Hunter rain boots for years before they wear out. In fact, I'm sure that you'll want to change your color way before the boot ever gets worn out.

Hunter boots originate from Scotland, the land of the Wellingtons (also known as Wellies). They were produced by the the North British Rubber Company in limited quantities when production first began. They were primarily worn by equestrians and didn't have a lot of style back then.

Production changed during World War I when the company was asked to construct a boot that was sturdy enough to withstand the conditions in flooded war trenches. The design was improved and the boot was developed to become roomier with a thicker sole and a rounder toe. The general population started to become interested in the Hunter Wellington boot for personal use.

By the end of the war the boot was not only popular war gear but was also a favorite piece of rain gear for men, women, and children alike. Hunter was, and still is, known as a traditional and old-fashioned company who viewed their rain gear as a practical and durable means of staying dry. Fashion was not at the top of their list as far as importance goes.

Boy did things change over the years. Hunter womens rain boots became so popular that the company embraced the concept that these boots were indeed a fashion statement to many who wore them. So they welcomed in the 21st Century with some fashionable boots that never sacrificed in the quality and durability that they pride themselves with.


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