Nintendo 3DS vs PSP. The Sony PSP has very sleek engineering and a wide screen. The graphics on the PSP are very similar to that of the bigger console named the Playstation 2. Not only can games be played on the PSP, but it also has Wi-Fi capabilities built in and allows the user to listen to music, watch videos or store pictures. The Nintendo DS has dual playing screens and features a built in microphone as well as Wi-Fi capabilities. The dual screen technology allows the user to input game play using a stylus or their fingers. This aspect of the DS allows the gamer to interact with certain games instead of just pushing buttons to achieve actions. The DS also has traditional buttons, but the touch screen has to be used with most of the games. The DS's microphone is used during game play for voice recognition, online chatting with friends during certain games and some games require the user to blow or shout into the microphone. Both the PSP and DS have built in stereo speakers.

In order for the user to store game saves, or any other type of media on the PSP, the use of memory sticks is required. Depending on the amount of storage needed, the user may require an extensive collection of memory cards to keep everything they need. The DS does not require memory cards because the games use the same design as older Nintendo games in the fact that all game saves are stored directly onto the game cartridge itself. One thing that some people may worry about when purchasing a portable gaming system is battery life. The PSP battery has a surprising long life considering all of the different functions that the PSP is capable of doing. Of all the research that has been done, it seems that the shortest amount of time that the battery lasts is a little over three hours and that is while playing a game that takes full advantage of all the graphics and Wi-Fi technology. The Nintendo DS has a lithium-ion battery which generally lasts about ten hours when fully charged, however, multiple factors can increase or decrease battery life such as brightness of the screen, speaker volume, and the backlight.

Up to sixteen consoles can be connected at once to enjoy head to head game play over the Wi-Fi connection on the PSP. The Sony PSP also has a 2.0 USB port which allows the user to download files from their computer through a normal USB cable. The DS has the ability to allow multiple players to connect their individual DS's using wireless connectivity of a range of up to sixty feet. Only one game cartridge is needed to use this function. A good component of the PSP is that the user will not have to worry about outdated software or having a system that is not compatible with newer PSP items. With the PSP, the user can simply update their software using any wireless network connection.

Sony has an extensive list of game titles to be played on the PSP, even some of the bigger titles that are normally reserved for bigger consoles. The only drawback to the game play on the PSP is the long load times of the games. In addition to the games available for the PSP, movies as well as certain television shows can also be found on Universal Media Disks, or UMD's.


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