Seismic Design of Building Structures provides a comprehensive introduction to core seismic concepts and principles, and offers essential background information for seismic problems on the California Special Civil Seismic Examination as well as other professional licensing exams. With thorough coverage of seismic building codes including the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), this book prepares you for conceptual and technical questions on structural analysis and code issues by giving you an understanding of earthquakes and their effects.

Comprehensive introduction to seismic design Over 30 example problems and 120 practice problems with step-by-step solutions A thorough review of Seismic Building Codes Easy-to-use formulas, figures, and tables Detailed illustrations and definitions of seismic terminology

Perfect for the California Special Civil Seismic Examination NCEES Civil PE Examination NCEES Structural PE Examinations Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

Topics Covered Include Basic Seismology Diaphragm Theory Earthquake Characteristics Effects of Earthquakes on Structures General Structural Design Response of Structures Seismic Building Codes Seismic-Resistant Concrete Structures Seismic-Resistant Masonry Structures Seismic-Resistant Steel Structures Seismic-Resistant Wood Structures Special Design Features Tilt-Up Construction Vibration Theory


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